Thinking about taking the family to see a movie this weekend? Check out this Zootopia movie review before you head out the door!

Zootopia Movie Review & Learn to Draw Videos: Judy Hopps & Flash

Zootopia opened today in theaters everywhere! I was fortunate enough to see it earlier this week and wanted to share with you my thoughts in this Zootopia movie review. Let me start by saying this movie is great for the entire family, and has even received a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% – Certified FRESH! Need more? Read on and be sure to check out the learn to draw videos so you can draw your own Judy Hopps and Flash.

Zootopia Movie Review Nick Wilde 

Zootopia Movie Review

Speaking of Flash – he’s a sloth, and you know, sloths are really slow. REALLY S-L-O-W. So slow that Emily kept asking me why he was speaking and moving so SLOW. So maybe you’ll want to introduce your little one to what a sloth is before the movie so they don’t keep asking during the movie. Flash is a scene-stealer, and by far one of my favorite scenes in the entire movie. It received non-stop laughter for sure from everyone at the screening.

Zootopia Movie Review Flash

Zootopia is an animal lovers dream! Think NYC but for animals, it’s the place all the cool animals live. Country rabbit Judy Hopps wants to become an Officer, but she’s being judged by her cuteness and is not taken seriously by anyone, including her boss and criminals. Hopps pairs with an unlikely ally, a fox named Nick Wilde to solve a mystery that is plaguing the mammals of Zootopia and turning prey and predators against each other.

Zootopia Movie Review Judy Hopps

I don’t want to give away too much, but I will tell you about our experience. I attended Zootopia with Emily, age 4. There were a few scenes during which she jumped into my lap, no biggy. There was one scene in which I nearly jumped out of my seat – as did the people around us – adults and children alike. We were introduced to new animals we hadn’t yet discussed with Em before, like Flash the Sloth, among others. Which proved to be an educational opportunity for discussion after the movie. Go see it – I am looking forward to seeing it again, this time with Anabelle too.





Zootopia is playing in 3D in theaters everywhere – so what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today! Be sure to check out the Zootopia coloring pages and activity sheets I posted recently. Pick up some great Zootopia gear and books from (affiliate link) Amazon.

Have you seen Zootopia yet? Who is your child’s favorite Zootopia character?

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  • These people are so talented!! My mom was an amateur artist & she would just take a piece of paper and just draw us something. I wish I would have been smart enough to have kept a couple of her drawings!! She got MS and eventually couldn’t draw anymore. She died in 2005.
    I watched the trailer above. It was worth it to see those characters come to life. Thank you for sharing and bringing me back in time to some happy memories!!

    • Mama E

      Thank you for sharing this memory with me Sue!

  • oh thank you for your review! my nieces and nephews are going to love this. i’m gonna have them for spring break and i want to think of activities to do with them. we could go see this! thanx again! 🙂

  • My husband went to art school here in ohio. C.c.a.d. and my childfen have been blessed with his talent. Art is a wonderful form of imagination and self expression. Thank you

  • We can’t wait to see this movie. These animals are so cute. Thank you for sharing this great family movie


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