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Disclosure: I participated in this event on behalf of Wendy’s Bloggers for Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I received Dr. Fischer products to facilitate my review.


I have been plagued with dry skin for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately J-bird suffers from it as well. It’s hard to find the proper delicate balance of vitamins, oils, and natural minerals in a product to properly moisturize and hydrate my skin. I sometimes head to the beach for a dip in the ocean to give my skin some renewal in the natural salt water of the sea. With my busy schedule, I am not always my priority because the children’s needs must come first.

Finding products that bring the sea to me does not come easy. At last, the ever elusive products I have envisioned have finally found me!

Rough dry skin got you down? I have the cure. Dr. Fischer products, once only available in Israel, home of the famous Dead Sea and it’s hydrating and cleansing minerals, are finally available in the U.S. I’ve had the opportunity to use several of the Dead Sea Minerals SPA line of products from Dr. Fischer over the last couple of weeks.



It has been a refreshing change from the store-bought cleansers, moisturizers and lotions that are mass-produced all in the name of profit. I feel like a real Mother’s Day treat came a month early for me. Developed and tested by a pharmacist himself, the Fischer Pharmaceuticals company owned by Dr. Eli Fischer is renowned all over the world. Knowing that a real live Doctor of Pharmacy is behind these product and that they originate from Israel where natural is the way of life, makes the products appealing and real for me.




The Mineral Creamy Shower Mousse is light, fluffy and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It’s so airy that it doesn’t just liquify upon contact. It contains minerals from the Dead Sea along with natural oils and fruit extracts. It gently deep cleanses and replenishes the skin with moisture that you can still feel the next day. You can apply it directly to your body or using a washcloth or shower poof. It left my skin feeling like I was wearing a pair of silk pajamas. I even used it on the girls, with no worries about harmful chemicals.




The Mineral Body Butter is great to use right after you’ve taken your bath using the shower mousse. It also contains all the minerals, oils and even adds in shea butter. The body butter improves the skin’s elasticity and promotes healthy-looking skin by protecting it from the aging effects of dryness. With a hint of vanilla, the body butter is sure to be an instant winner. I applied it right before heading out for the March for Babies walk and it kept my skin feeling fresh. Despite the 90+ degree weather, my skin stayed moisturized and cool. I love using the body butter all over. It’s a huge relief knowing that when my little Preemie is nursing and comes into contact with my skin, no harmful ingredients are passing onto her.




The Hand Cream, with its mineral and fruit extracts, comes to the rescue for your tired and weary hands. Long days in front of the sink and outdoor air pollutants strip your hands of the moisture needed to protect them. It has a subtle, yet potent enticing fragrance that stays with you throughout the day and is safe to apply as often as you want, especially after hand washing. I really enjoyed being able to get right back to work because there was no greasy feeling after application. When typing, my work really benefits if my hands aren’t slipping and sliding all over the keyboard.




The Mineral Shower Scrub by far has been my favorite in the line of Dead Sea Mineral Spa products. Do you see all those awesome scrubbing specks? It not only scrubs you clean, it peels and it moisturizes your skin, all in one application. How many other products do all of that? The mild peeling action removes dead cells which helps to revitalize your skin. It reminded me a lot of some of the high-end products they use at spas, but of course this won’t cost you anywhere near that, which already makes me a huge fan. Intended to be used only once or twice a week, you will notice the results immediately. The shower scrub contains the added benefits of Jasmine extract which is known to positively impact the skin, body and mind.


The products in the Dr. Fischer line do not contain any animal ingredients nor are they tested on animals. This to me speaks volumes about the brand and quality of the product. Dr. Fischer uses only the highest quality Dead Sea Minerals, straight from the Dead Sea! The minerals found in the Dead Sea have been used for thousands of years to treat skin conditions, muscle tension and liven up the skin. Now Dr. Fischer combines them with natural oils and extracts such as cotton, almond, linseed and olive oil, along with fig extract, tea tree, pomegranate and shea butter.


The bundle pack of the Dr. Fischer Dead Sea Minerals SPA Gift Set includes:

  • Mineral Creamy Shower Mousse
  • Mineral Body Butter
  • Mineral Hand Cream
  • Mineral Shower Scrub


All of the items above can be purchased individually and are available on Shop Dr. Fischer. As most savvy savers know, a gift set bundle will offer you the most for the least! So if you are still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, Dr. Fischer wants to lend a hand. Now through May 12, 2014 the Dr. Fischer Dead Sea Minerals Gift Set is available for only $47.95, saving you almost 35% off or $26 if purchased individually!

Dr. Fischer Dead Sea Minerals Gift Sets are packed by women with special needs at the Bayit Cham – The Centers for Mental Wellness. To learn more about this special program or donate to a great cause, click here.  Dr. Fischer is a strong supporter of women, children and communities that are often overlooked. By buying this gift set for a loved one, you will be supporting this special population of women of the Bayit Cham.

Dr. Fischer was kind enough to even include a little Mother’s Day bonus for me of his Time Defying Night Cream and Immediate Lift Serum. These weren’t just samples, they were actual full size products. Being thoughtful enough to include these solidifies my belief in knowing that he truly cares, not just about his products, but about the people who will be using them. Seems he knows a thing or two about us mommy bloggers who stay up until all hours of the night!


dr fischerSo who is this kind and gentle man they call Dr. Fischer?

“He is a scientist, a successful international industrialist, philanthropist and an international brand. Dr. Fischer received his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from the University of California and was a teaching fellow at Harvard. His first innovation was in the field of ophthalmology. He developed a medical preparation for treating glaucoma, which is becoming the “drug of choice” for ophthalmologists worldwide. In 1965 he founded Fischer Pharmaceuticals in Israel specializing in the fields of ophthalmology and dermatology. Dr. Fischer is active in interfaith organizations for peace, provides grants for research students, and donates to numerous charities that support women and children.”

Get to know Dr. Fischer by following him on Facebook and Instagram!

Disclosure: Mama’s Mission was not compensated for this post. Mama’s Mission received Dr. Fischer products for review purposes, all opinions are 100% my own. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  • I don’t have any problems using products from another country as long as they look safe and made from quality ingredients. 🙂

  • I use quite a few products from other countries. I use a BB cream from Korea that is the bomb! We all may use products from other countries and don’t even realize it

  • I don’t have any problem using product from other country, and I love that this product support this special population of women of the Bayit Cham
    thanks for share 🙂 @tisonlyme143

  • And at-home spa treatment? Yes please! I especially love the look & description of that shower cream. 🙂

  • I have been seeing so much about his products lately. They sound fantastic! I am definitely going to give them a try!


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