You Can Save A Life or Meet A New Best Friend When You Use It 4 Good

I’m a helper. I’ve always been a helper. Not sure if it’s just my motherly nature, or just something I have become accustomed to doing. Friends have always known that they can come to me, and more importantly count on me, when they have needed help. There is great pleasure that comes in helping others, whether its people or animals.

I was recently challenged by AT&T to find a way to use my cellular phone for good. Actually, let’s back track for a moment. What they asked me was have I ever used my cellular phone for good. Sitting, pondering, thinking, I couldn’t come up with anything. How could that be? Beyond puzzled about how I’ve had a cell phone for who knows how many years and never was able to Use It 4 Good was getting to me. This was going to change, and I accepted AT&T’s Use It 4 Good challenge.

Use It 4 Good Tips

To use it 4 good was not going to be hard, especially during the season of giving. There are so many ways you can use your cell phone for good, narrowing it down to just one wasn’t going to be easy. I found my calling quite easily because in just a few months puppies and kittens will be surprising families across the nation for the holidays. The thing is, most of these puppies and kittens end up in local pet shelters, unwanted, and in desperate need of a home.

But this doesn’t happen just during the holidays, it happens all year round. I’ve seen countless others share shelter pets on Facebook and other social media platforms. It was my turn. Em was home from school and I was hesitant to head to the shelter, because girls and puppies…I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to leave with just my mission – use it 4 good – completed. On the other hand I knew this would be a great learning experience for her as well.

We popped into the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center in North Miami Beach. Cute kittens called out to us, but they were still too little to be handled. One of the first faces we saw was Rocco, an 8-year-old terrier/american pit bull mix. Rocco’s been with the shelter for far too many years and needs an animal free home.


And then there Second Chances Mimi – she’d been treated for heart-worm, and Buddy and Felipa and Herbie and Verdell, and just too many adorable pups that all wanted to go home with us. And then there was Betsy. Just 2 months old and already living her young life in a shelter, Betsy was brought in as a stray – found in the streets of Miami and weaned back to good health. Em and I were actually on our way out the door when we met Betsy in the arms of one of the loving staff member.


I normally use my iPhone, but I was recently sent an LG G Flex2 to check out. I prefer using the Flex2 for pictures because it has a 12MP camera, so I made sure to bring it along to capture the cuties we were going to meet. Glad I did because I must have taken at least 40 pictures just of Betsy.

Betsy was cute beyond words. The staff member asked if we wanted to play with Betsy and Em was all over that. I decided that since I was pretty positive we wouldn’t be taking her home, the least we could do was give her some love and play with her for a little while. I went as far as sending a picture to Papa – who questioned how big Betsy actually was since she looked huge in the picture compared to Em. We almost didn’t leave without Betsy, almost. With 2 kids under 4, and a 3-year-old pup who thinks he’s still a baby, bringing home another little pup would have probably put me into the nut house.

I mentioned earlier that I hadn’t remembered ever using my device for good in the past. Funny thing is that as I started to write this post I became flooded with memories of how I have actually used my cell phone for good. There was that time when a gentleman was stumbling around because his sugar was low and I called paramedics, and then there was that time when I texted friends asking for donations of gently used toys for a local shelter, and that time when I shared messages of social good projects that people could take part in for the greater good of their community. Looking back on these moments I hadn’t thought much of how I was using my cell phone for good but am glad I had it because it would have been hard, if not impossible to do these things had I not had it.

Here are some ways you too can Use It 4 Good!

Donate Old Devices

By donating devices you no longer need, you can help others in need. Whether you donate them to a local shelter, or even a school, there are ways your unused device can be used for good by someone else.

Post Pictures of Animals at Shelters

There are so many animals in need of a forever home at your local shelter. By visiting the shelter and sharing pictures on social media and with your friends you can help spread the word and possibly rescue an animal in need.

Using Your Phone To Make Donations

Most charities now accept donations by app and text. Making a donation has never been easier. Many companies have either a 5 digit number you can text a donation to, or a mobile app on which you can send a donation to help the charity in need.

Reconnect with Friends and Loved Ones

Sometimes all it takes is a quick text or phone call, to say hello or tell someone you care about that you miss them, to make a change. Picture it, your old friend hasn’t heard from you in a while because you’ve both been busy, just by sending a quick text you might put a smile on their face, and in turn they might do something nice for someone else. It’s amazing the power of doing good has.

Are you up for the challenge to change the way you use your device and use it 4 good for your community? I’d love to see all the different ways you find to #UseIt4Good!

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  • We don’t have a dog, but I’d like to talk my husband into getting one!

  • Hmm now you’ve got me thinking on how I can use my cell phone for good!

  • This is great to give pets wider coverage for breeds that are harder to place.

  • I love and really enjoyed reading this, I don’t have a cell phone right now but I hope to either have one for Christmas or after. But I also liked using it for good
    that is how I was able to adopt my two cats that I have now 😉

  • That was really interesting. I don’t have a phone but what a great challenge.


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