Why You Should Skip Disney for Legoland In Florida

There is very little in the world that can compare to a trip to Disney World. Especially for most fans or folks that just end up visiting the parks on a whim. Regardless, non-Disney destinations actually do exist in the surrounding areas, fun ones that kids and adults can enjoy. Legoland is an Orlando option that a lot of travelers consider, whether they have children or not because Lego, like Disney, has an all ages appeal to it. If your family is trying to plan out their Orlando vacation and debating whether a day at Legoland is worth the time and money, consider each of these perks to help you make up your mind to skip Disney for Legoland.

Why You Should Skip Disney for Legoland In Florida

Why You Should Skip Disney for Legoland

Legos Are Tons of Fun

Legoland gives anyone that enjoys building and creating with Lego bricks the chance to do so, everywhere you turn. No matter where you are in the park there is an area nearby where anyone can play around with some Legos and build for a few minutes or a few hours. Granted, there is a lot to see and do at Legoland, so while it is fun to stop and play with Legos, you don’t want to spend all your time doing so. The day goes quickly so you want to enjoy it when you skip Disney for Legoland. Celebrating a birthday at Legoland is a ton of fun – make it a Lego themed birthday!

Plenty of Hands On Opportunities

One of the great things about theme parks are the opportunities to get hands on and try things for yourself. Lego has this in abundance, and some of the opportunities are huge fan favorites. Lego embraces the builder in everyone, and encourages guests of all ages, even the youngest of guests ages two,  to try their hand at creating and then putting their designs to the test.

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Exclusive Lego Stuff

A huge part of visiting any theme park is the cool stuff you can buy that isn’t available anywhere else. A lot of special Lego branded items are available in the park, and nowhere else, and even more Lego branded items are debuted or revealed in the park stores before it goes out to retailers nationwide. You can only access the shops and items through entrance to the park so if you are into exclusive gifts and items, this is a big deal.

The Hotel is Tons of Fun

Though it was definitely designed with children in mind, Legoland Hotel is a delight for guests of all ages, and a veritable playground for Lego fans. Every hotel room is designed around one of the classic Lego themes, something every Lego fan will recognize as soon as they step into the room. There is a great pool and Lego brick touches, creations, and fun everywhere you turn. Guests of all ages love the hotel and it really makes a great option for fans wanting to get in as much time at this theme park as possible. There are special benefits to staying at the Legoland Hotel that other guests of the park can not access. Make the most of your trip when you skip Disney for Legoland by staying at the hotel!

New Experiences Added All the Time

Like Disney, there are new experiences and VIP offerings being created for guests all the time. No matter what time of year you are planning to visit the Orlando area there is an event that you can try to add to your itinerary. Shows, new rides, holiday festivals, and more are all things that you can watch out for throughout the year and then plan your trip around.

Have you ever visited Legoland? What would be the first thing you would build out of Legos when you skip Disney for Legoland?

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  • I really want to do this, we are going to have to make plans to go soon.

  • I would love to go to lego land but I am not sure if I would want to spend all day or evening playing
    with legos, I know me and I would get bored real quickly.

  • Legoland in Orlando is a blast! I would definitely skip Disney for it, but that’s just my opinion. 🙂 My kids can’t wait to go!


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