Why Me? Why Does This Always Happen To Me? #SheetHappens #Ad

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In the last month I have become increasingly aware of my pure bad luck when it comes to visits to the bathroom. Seems that no matter where I am or where I go (no pun intended), all I see is brown paper tubing, and a few specks of the white stuff that used to be there.

#SheetHappens Cali
I have traveled from the South – Florida, to the North – NYC, to the West – California, back South and even back up North, all in just a little over a month and a half. At each location within the US, coast to coast, I have encountered at least one empty roll of toilet paper.
The location didn’t necessarily matter, from businesses to friends homes, it was all the same….no toilet paper….no Angel Soft®. Doesn’t everybody know that Angel Soft® has 60% more sheets than Charmin Ultra Strong?
Designed to be perfectly soft, with lasting strength, it is priced to make your wallet smile and your tush happy too. From the wee little ones to the eldest in your home, every tush deserves the very best with two layers in every sheet. Now Angel Soft® comes in pretty patterns too. The designs are made to enhance your bathroom decor, and with 60% more sheets per roll than Charmin Ultra Strong, that decor is sure to last! As the Angels say in their production line #WeKnowOurSheet.


After suffering through my latest awkward #SheetHappens moment which left me #SheetOutOfLuck, I decided to introduce my friends to the benefits (and saving grace for her guests) by turning her home into an Angel Soft® home. Friends don’t let friends experience #SheetHappens moments!

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