Why I Kept My Husband Busy On Father’s Day

When holidays like Father’s Day come to mind you generally picture one of two scenarios: family outings or dad kicking back and relaxing. Not in our family. This year I wanted to handle things a little differently and keep my husband busy on Father’s Day.

The day started with Papa getting up at 7:30am because the girls woke up early – like they do everyday because they have no concept of glorious idea of sleeping in late. While I would have loved to have continued sleeping things had to be done to get the day going. I made breakfast for all of us so that Papa could enjoy a hearty meal before I ran out the door. Yes, I ran out the door at 8:50am and headed to MY massage appointment. So why was I going to get a massage and not Papa? 

Father's Day Breakfast

It’s quite simple. Without our precious little girls Papa wouldn’t be a papa. So what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than actually spending time with his children right? I for one love spending the day doing nothing with my girls on Mother’s Day. Which is why when Papa booked an overnight staycation at a nearby hotel last month for us on Mother’s Day I had a really hard time being comfortable. I kept thinking the girls should be with us – at the pool, at the beach – together as a family.

As part of our trip he booked a spa day for me AND for HIM. So my theory and the reasoning behind getting a massage today for myself was simple, he celebrated WITH me on Mother’s Day and therefore today he should spend time with his girls. There are plenty of other regular weekends when he gets to sleep in late – only to wake up just in time for nap time, and yes he goes right back to sleep with the girls LOL.

Our babies aren’t babies anymore, they are toddlers now. And before we know it they will be pre-teens, teenagers and then off to college. Time flies and children grow up so quickly. I am trying to help my family create memories that will last a lifetime – at least something we can keep with us when the girls are older and too cool to hang with Mama and Papa.

Father's Day Vacation

Anyhow, we spent the weekend away taking a road trip to Sarasota visiting the West Coast of Florida as part of his Father’s Day gift. On Saturday I spent time with Em making crafts for Papa. And tried my best to let him rest up and relax. But Sunday, Sunday was going to be different.

After my very relaxing massage I headed back to our vacation home to get everyone ready so we could spend some time by the pool. After a few hours in the HOT sun and beautiful water it was time for a late lunch and a good nap. We all napped, something about being in the pool and sun that just wears you out good.

Father's Day Pool Time

Father's Day Pool Time 2

One of my favorite sayings is that everything happens for a reason. During my massage the masseuse had asked if we’ve taken a drive down to Siesta Key yet. We hadn’t and he suggested that we visit Siesta Key Beach before hitting the road back home because they have a Drum Circle every Sunday night before sunset. We had planned to get home at a somewhat decent time since Papa had work in the morning, but I really didn’t want to miss this experience. And so off we went further west to see the drum circle, because it was something he knew I wanted to do.

Siesta Key Beach Welcome Sign Sarasota Florida

Siesta Key Beach Drum Circle 2

Siesta Key Beach Drum Circle

Siesta Key Beach

The time we spent on the beach that evening was absolutely priceless and worth every lost hour of sleep we had the next morning. The sacrifices Papa makes for us are priceless. And I know he is tired when he gets home from his 9-5 job, but I also know that he loves his girls and me. This is why I cook beautiful dinners so that when he returns from work he can enjoy a hot home cooked meal at the table with his family. This is why I know I am blessed and lucky, because on a day that should have been all about him, he allowed it to be all about me. 

Siesta Key Beach Drum Circle 3

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