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We’ve all heard that breast is best. In theory it’s fantastic. No need to prepare anything, it’s always available and at just the right temperature. In practice, every Mama needs a break from time to time. Naturally if I am not there I want to make sure that my little one is getting the best available. Something that makes her and I feel comfortable.

Being on baby #3 I’ve had my fair share of experience with baby bottles. J-bird wasn’t “into” breastfeeding (I was also young and naïve), and Em had a hard time latching until she turned 3 months old; we also supplemented with formula.

With Preemie I was determined to work hard at breastfeeding exclusively. Due to her prematurity we were advised to add supplemental formula for caloric purposes twice a day to help her put on weight. Thwarted from my plan, I pulled out Em’s baby bottles and prepped them for use.


The hardest part about bottle feeding is the fussiness it can cause from air being sucked in by the baby. We’ve used many different types of bottles designed to help prevent gas. I stared and stared at the bottles. So many parts. So many little crevices. The biggest problem despite proper cleaning is keeping everything sanitized. There is no way to prevent the inner parts from coming into contact with your hands because of the design and the way this bottle has to be put together.

Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set
Cousin Ray Approved

After 17 years of experimenting with every bottle on the market I was excited to try the new Joovy Boob Baby Bottle with the patented CleanFlow® Vent System. It is a one piece, no touch, system that allows you to keep all the parts that come into contact with your baby’s milk clean. The Joovy Boob is designed like no other bottle. It has a wider base and body than traditional bottles. It also holds an ounce more of liquid than other bottles. The nipple is designed to closer replicate a mothers own areola and nipple which greatly helps to reduce and avoid nipple confusion.

Breast pump attachment
Breast pump attachment ring

As I said before, I really wanted to exclusively breast feed. Since that wasn’t happening I needed to make my life at the pump as easy as possible. Fortunately the Joovy makes a convenient breast pump attachment which is designed to fit most standard breast pump models. I used it with my Ameda and Lansinoh pumps and it worked perfectly. You simply attach the flange to the Joovy attachment and then screw it onto the Joovy Boob bottle. This allows you to pump directly into the bottle you will use later for feeding. Just be sure not to put the CleanFlow vent ring onto the bottle otherwise you will not be able to screw the bottle on (rookie mistake).

Once I was done pumping I took the bottles into the kitchen to prep them for feeding and storage in the fridge. This is when I realized the true power of that wider bottle base. My bottles weren’t tipping over when I stood them up on the counter. The flanges are top-heavy and it always caused the standard bottles I was using to fall over, so I always had to lean them on something. I really can’t explain to you enough how what seems like something so simple made me so happy. If you’ve ever spilled “liquid gold” before, you will appreciate it as much as I do.

I screwed on the bottle sealing caps and put one bottle in the fridge for a later feeding and prepped the other for Preemie’s next feeding. After making sure I had the right amount of ounces, the volume lines for ounces and ml are bold and clearly marked, I grabbed the CleanFlow vent ring. It’s designed in such a way that when you are holding it, you never come into contact with the inner plastic lip which actually touches the milk. The ring has tabs which lock it into place in the grooves on the bottle. This CleanFlow vent ring is what allows the air to escape without entering your baby’s belly. I popped the nipple into the ring, scooped her extra calorie powder into the bottle, put the top on, mixed it up and the Joovy Boob was ready for her next feeding.

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She doesn’t usually fall asleep to a bottle the way she does to my breast. Seeing her passed out like this really impressed me. The nipple seemed to do the trick. I felt a wave of relief wash over me. Knowing that I could confidently leave her in the hands of her Papa Bear without turning her feedings into a nightmare was a huge relief. No gas, no fussiness, just like Mama’s own sweet delivery. There is even a bottle insulator accessory which helps to keep cold liquids cold and warm liquids warm, longer. Perfect for when you are on the go.

dishwasher parts
Easy and Effortless Cleaning


The bottles, parts and accessories can all be either hand-washed or placed in the top rack of your dishwasher. There are no crack or crevices where milk can hide so I you don’t to worry about using a special crevice brush to clean the parts. The dishwasher does a very thorough job of cleaning everything.

As you can see, I put the breast pump attachment, the bottles, covers, rings, and even the bottle insulator cover right on the top rack. The nipples and clean vent rings are in the pink and white basket.

The high temperature of the water saves me a step in the cleaning process in which no sanitizing is necessary. Time is precious, why waste it on cleaning bottles when you can be cuddling with your little one.


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The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle gets two thumbs up from me. Even Em has enjoyed helping with Preemies feedings. Having the wide base to hold has made it easy for her to do so. It’s similar to some of Em’s sippy cups even.

All of the essentials I mentioned above, plus a few extra are available in the Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Gift Set. It has everything you need to get your baby started. This Joovy Boob PP Gift Set includes:

(3) 9oz./260ml PP Bottles with stage 2 nipples
(1) 9oz./260ml Insulator
(3) 5 oz./160ml PP Bottles with stage 1 nipples
(1) 5oz./160ml Insulator
(2) Breast Pump Adapters
(3) Sealing Caps
(1) Stage 1 nipple
(1) Stage 2 nipple
(2) Stage 3 nipples
(2) Stage X nipples
(2) Stage 0 nipples
(1) Nipple Brush
(1) Bottle Brush

You can find these all in one gift set at a local Joovy retailer near you or using my affiliate link on Amazon!

There are two varieties of the Joovy Boob baby bottle, the PP and the PPSU. We are using the PP which stands for Polypropylene and is a durable BPA-, phthalate-, lead-free plastic that is cost-effective. Each bottle was individually shrink wrapped to ensure cleanliness, something I have never seen with any other bottle. You can see the attention to detail that Joovy has put into producing a great bottle. The bottles are available in a 5 and 9 oz size and come in clear, turquoise and purpleness (yes, it’s called that).

Mama’s verdict: I really have fallen in love, as has Preemie, with the Joovy Boob. It’s easy to clean, maintain and use. It’s functional, stylish and compatible with our lifestyle. I will be adding the Joovy Boob Baby Bottle into future baby shower gift baskets for moms to be.

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  • What a great looking bottle. I love the shape of it.

  • I wish I’d have known about this brand of baby bottle.

  • I will definitely have to check these out. DD3 wouldn’t take a bottle at all. And admittedly, I haven’t even tried one with DD4, but it would be nice to give her one on occasion.

  • Joovy is such a great brand all around! They make quality & stylish products. I never tried the BOOB but I bet it is great, too!


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