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What You Need to Know Before Cruising With Disney

Cruising with Disney is one of the most exciting ways to take to the high seas, especially for families with young children. Not only is everyone together for this exciting adventure, but tons of Disney magic and exciting moments await everyone that boards. Deciding to book a cruise, and which cruise ship to take, is a big decision that will require a lot of research and comparison shopping. Before you make the choice to cruise with Disney, there are some things you need to know.

Disney Cruise Line Vacation Family Cruising With Disney

What You Need To Know Before Cruising With Disney

There are Discounts Out There

Everyone always assumes that it is not possible to get Disney discounts, but even when it comes to cruises there are discounts available. Deals, discounts and savings abound, if you know when and where to find them. The cruises are newer to the Disney line of entertainment, but there are still things and perks offered at discounted rates. Begin watching the Disney cruise site, and sign up for their newsletters and emails to be notified as soon as deals are announced. Cruising with Disney for less is totally possible!

Check Ports and Excursions Offered

Every cruise, even ones that go to the same places will have its own port and excursion offerings. If you have an idea of where you want to call into port, look through the cruises that go there. Or, if you are just looking for the best overall experiences and excursions, make sure to read through as many of the itineraries as possible to find the cruise that fits you, or your family, best.

Research the Rooms

Nothing is worse than booking a vacation and finding out that your rooms are not what you expected or thought you were getting. Be diligent in looking at all the information provided about the cabins and rooms that are available to you. The bigger the room, the more it is going to cost you, but knowing what you need for this vacation and then booking that option is essential when you are on a cruise.

Every Cruise Has a Different Theme

The theme of every cruise is vastly different from the next, so make sure you are entirely into what the theme of your cruise is, especially when it comes to cruising with Disney with children. Making a mistake in picking a cruise that is too heavy on one theme, featuring characters that you or your children are just not into will make cruising with Disney a not so magical experience for everyone. Read every detail, show offered, characters that are included and the activities that are offered to make sure that it is something that your family will enjoy.

Bring What You’ll Need

A lot of people forget that when they are cruising they are out at sea and there is no way for the ship to be replenished. Whatever you absolutely think you will need, pack it. It won’t always be possible to get your favorite items or things that your children need to get through a day on-board; however, cruise ships are not super restrictive when it comes to what you can pack. So check with your cruise as to weight limits, snacks, drinks anything else that you or the children need to be comfortable while cruising with Disney.

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  • I have never been on a cruise but if I did it would be Disney and I love how you put everything in here,Great tips and suggestions.

  • I would love to take my family on a Disney cruise. Disney always does such a great job for family entertainment. Thank you so much for sharing these tips.


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