Vampire Lovers Recipes & Placeholders For Vampire Themed Parties!

Thinking about the next themed party for your little ones birthday? Or even Halloween? Vampires, bats, and more will flock to the table for these yummy thirst and hunger quenching treats. Treat your vampire-y friends to a special menu of dips, sangria and chocolate cake, vampire-style.

From the creators of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, I am sharing with you today a free downloadable PDF filled with funny viewing party eats, recipes and table placeholders for your next Vampire themed party! Don’t forget to check out the exclusive interviews with Julie Plec, creator of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Each recipe comes with its own unique table placeholder. Create a spooky theme mashup with the Strange Magic themed party kit.

Ward of the Vampire Dip Placeholder

Vampire Lovers Recipes


Garlic-y Purifying Flatbread

– Flatbread can be used to accompany dips, or as a base for making individual pizzas.

Ward Off The Vampire Dip

–  This easy to make dip can be served with pita bread, naan, chips, crackers or even the flatbread.

Light Bites

Werewolf Kibbles & Bits & Bits

– This werewolf mix is reminiscent of a trail mix but using cereal, pretzels, chocolate chips and more yummy treats.

Thirst Quencher

Vampire Virgin Sangria – Kid Friendly

– Quench your party guests thirst with this delicious mixture of fruit juices and fresh fruit.


Bloody Good Chocolate Cake

– Start with a basic vanilla cake mix and turn up the flavor with candy coated chocolates, strawberry ice cream and some fangy teeth!

Download the Vampire Party Eats Recipes!

Vampire Eats Recipes The Vampire Diaries The Originals

For an adult themed party you can spice up the Sangria by swapping out the mineral water for some wine, just make sure to use red wine for that blood-tastic effect. These recipes can be made all year round for any vampire-friendly themed party.

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