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Make this years gift giving unique and special, with unique artisan gifts! Not only will the receiver get something special, the giver is providing a 2 in 1 gift by supporting artisans around the world in impoverished countries, women just like us who are trying to do something more for their families. Help to inspire and empower women all around the world with your support this holiday season.

Unique Artisan Gifts Holiday Gift Guide 5by20

We’ve all been there. Your secret Santa pick is the most difficult person to shop for in your family, or the person who has everything. So leave the hassle of holiday shopping in the talented hands of women around the world. If you haven’t already heard about 5by20, it is Coca-Cola’s commitment to economically empower 5 million women entrepreneurs across our global value chain by 2020. So far, Coca-Cola has empowered 865,000 women in 52 countries – some of these women are artisans who repurpose beverage packaging into beautiful items. Their creativity and resourcefulness turns used packaging (sometimes discarded as waste) into charming items such as jewelry, handbags, notebooks, iPad covers and more. Sure, you can hit up your local retailer for some of these items – but they won’t be one-of-a-kind or handmade, nor directly benefit talented artisans and their communities.

Unique Artisan Gifts

5 reasons to gift 5by20 artisan items this holiday season:

1. Your money counts. Coca-Cola does not profit from purchases. The money goes back to the artisans and their communities. This enables women artisans to buy essential items for their homes and better access education for their children.

2. People strive for individual style. Why not give someone a distinctive handmade bracelet or iPad case that isn’t crowding every retailer’s shelves? The U.S. Coca-Cola merchandise stores just launched in the spring and now offer a selection of 5by20 artisan crafts online and in-store. Items from Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Guatemala, UK and Kenya are available.

3. It shows you care. The fact that you would take the time to gift something that is handmade, benefits women and looks unique shows you know her and appreciate her enough to take the extra time to choose a special gift.

4. Pieces are affordable. Stick to your budget and make your dollar work harder. Did I mention the money goes back to the women artisans and their communities???

5. It’s environmentally friendly! These unique artisan gifts incorporate recycled packaging from Coca-Cola products into new, original handmade goods. Translation: these women are re-using and recycling plastic, aluminum and glass to create beautiful, usable items.

5 people to buy 5by20 artisan items for this holiday season:

1. Your mom. Give the woman who inspires you something inspired by other women.

2. Your child’s teacher. You don’t want to spend $100 per teacher, you don’t have time to put together a clever basket of goodies, and you don’t want to cop out with a box of chocolates either. Gifting an affordable item with a positive, global message that also provides a teaching moment – could there be a more perfect teacher gift?

3. Your white elephant exchange. Whether it’s a $5, $10 or $50 cap, there is a variety of gifts perfect for an exchange with a mix of tastes, including some great gender-neutral and holiday-themed products. If there is a prize for the most unique gift, you’ll win!

4. Your sister-in-law (or whoever that picky woman is in your life). Every time you buy her something, you’re not sure whether she really likes it. You never see her wear anything you’ve given her, but she always says “I love it”. If you buy her a 5by20 gift, whether she wears it or not, the money is going toward a worthy cause and she’ll know you spent time thinking about the purchase. This time, she really will love it.

5. YOU!!! Treat yourself to something beautiful made by the hands of another woman. Click. Buy. Love.

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5 unique artisan gifts for $10 or less from 5by20 artisansunique artisan gifts angel tab

  Upavim Ring Pull Angel $3.50

unique artisan gifts earringsPCF Bend Earrings $5.00

unique artisan gifts coin purseCop Madam Small Label Coin Purse $7

unique artisan gifts tab braceletPCF Narrow Ring-Pull Bracelet $9.00


unique artisan gifts angel

Upavim Ring Pull Angel Ornament 2 $10 

This is the first holiday season the 5by20 unique artisan gifts have been available for purchase via the online 5by20 store! And remember all purchases benefit the artisans and their communities directly!!!

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  • I absolutely love these ideas! They are great gifts for everyone.

  • I do want to shop for artisan gifts – I love the PCF Narrow Ring-Pull Bracelet and only $9.00 There’s one gift!!

  • I love the coin purse!


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