Putting Together the Ultimate Star Wars Trip to Disney

With the addition of Star Wars to the Disney family, so many guests are able to make their sci-fi dreams come true. Putting together the ultimate Star Wars trip to Disney is a way to guarantee an incredible trip for the ultimate fan, and there is so much to choose from. Not only does Disney have rides and plenty for fans to see, but there are special experiences and even a festival to help guests celebrate. Events are posted with plenty of time to make reservations, but no matter what time of year you go, there are always incredible ways to celebrate all things Star Wars. Even more exciting is the new Star Wars Season of the Force event happening in Disneyland! This list of events and activities can be used to help you put together the ultimate Star Wars trip to Disney World or Disneyland. Get your ultimate Star Wars trip to Disney started with these fun coloring pages and activity sheets.

Putting Together the Ultimate Star Wars Trip to Disney

Star Wars Trip to Disney

Season of the Force at Disneyland

Disneyland just got a makeover and they are totally celebrating the Season of the Force. From characters, to attractions to out of this galaxy cuisines, Star Wars fans need to check out the Season of the Force at Disneyland! Costumes are welcome, but there are guidelines. Celebrate the Star Wars Saga all in one place and be sure to stop by the Star Wars Launch Bay. If you are brave, catch a ride on Hyperspace Mountain in honor of Star Wars, explore Star Tours, watch Path of the Jedi, grab a bite at Galatic Grill and lastly don’t forget to pick up some intergalactic gifts at The Star Trader.

Star Wars at Walt Disney World

Star Tours

The Star Wars fun at Disney all started with this ride, so it makes sense that you would start your ultimate experience on Star Tours. This 3D ride is part thriller, part film and takes guests for a simulated ride through space that basically lets you step into the films that you love. Guest get onboard a Starspeeder 1000 and then blast off into space to explore the worlds that everyone knows from their favorite films. This ride is worth getting on again and again because there are over 50 different rides that each has tits own storyline.

Star Wars Weekends

For the ultimate Star Wars experience, you want to make sure you visit the parks during one of the super popular Star Wars Weekends. These events always sell out and they are always packed so it is important that you are prepared for both. Special events, meet and greets, firework shows and entertainment is thrown together on these weekends in order to give guests the experience of a lifetime. If you are ready to go all out yourself, it can be a lot like stepping into the role of your favorite character and even getting to meet some of the people that had a hand in creating the films. Whatever level or type of Star Wars fan you are, there is something for everyone during this must do event.

Try Out Life Sized Rides

There are several life sized Star Wars props, some of them from the movies for you to try on, get on, or just admire. All of these are going to be near or around Star Tours in Hollywood Studios and make a great photo opportunity. Just be prepared to stand in line and wait to get the shot because everyone else is trying to do the same.

Jedi Training Academy

For the kids, Jedi Training happens in front of Star Tours and not only is it fun for those going through the training, but everyone else that gathers to watch. Kids learn the basic skills needed to be a Jedi and get to interact with characters and other Jedis in training.

Star Wars Half Marathon

If you want to pack in even more Star Wars fun, make sure the entire family gets out for this specially themed half marathon event. Not only is there a marathon for adults, but kid races too, pre and post race events that all pack in special Star Wars fun and character opportunities.

Will you be checking out the Season of the Force or taking a special Star Wars trip to Disney? If you still aren’t sure which park to visit, check out the 10 major differences between Disney World and Disneyland! All photos courtesy of Disney.

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