How to Create the Ultimate Smart Home

Do you live in a Smart Home? With new technologies we are now able to operate certain functions of our homes without even being present. This is great for those times you go on vacation; since you can still see who is at your door. Want your home a little warmer or cooler when you arrive, simple, just use the accompanying app to control your smart thermostat.

Did you know that a hacker can hack into your baby’s video monitor or your home security cameras and spy on your family? That’s pretty terrifying. Even with traditional internet security measures, it’s not that hard to do if you know what you’re doing. Another scary fact: half of American adults have been hacked in the last year, and over 70% of connected home devices are unprotected. That means that 7 out of 10 people reading this are wide open to being hacked. If this information makes you sick to your stomach, you’re not alone. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of vulnerability that comes with wondering if someone has been spying on your children.

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Think about all the things that are said in your home that you wouldn’t want a thief to know – like when you’ll be home or not, phone calls or online chats with banks and credit card companies, or even worse, sensitive information about your children. Thankfully, there are devices that can protect you and your home from this privacy invasion. One of those devices is appropriately called CUJO.

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You’ll be protected from hacks, viruses, malware, and other virtual and physical privacy intrusions, all by simply plugging CUJO into your router. Their patent-pending system was designed to make CUJO extremely simple to set-up and use, so even the least tech-savvy person won’t have a problem. CUJO goes beyond traditional security by using a multi-layer approach, combining firewall, antivirus, and malware typically found in separate devices. It not only watches over your baby monitors and security cameras, CUJO watches over every device connected to your home internet, all at the same time. That means your phones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming systems, and even your satellite TV will be safe and secure.

You can then connect to CUJO’s smart learning software via your home network, or even while you’re away via Android or iOS app. CUJO learns from your home environment, so the more you use it, the smarter it gets. It constantly adapts and changes to find new malware and hacking tricks to rid them from your network to keep you and your family safe.

Cujo works by app to help secure your smart home

As you can see, CUJO’s design is very simple and clean. It’s not just another box with wires coming out of it, and if your home is anything like most, you probably have enough of those already! CUJO was brilliantly designed to blend into any home décor. CUJO is brand new to the market and is only available for pre-order. There are a variety of backing options that will allow you to have up to a lifetime of free service so be sure to head over to secure your unit now!

Other awesome smart devices you might want to look into are the Nest thermostat, Apple TV and Wifi Doorbell!

You can learn more about CUJO by watching this video and visiting their website

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