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Travel Tuesday: 7 Best Southern Travel Destinations

No matter where you live in the U.S., nothing beats a trip down South. Family vacations are made better when you visit one, or any of these 7 Best Southern Travel Destinations. Hospitality, accents, classic cooking and beauty abound in our Southern states. The South has lots of great theme parks, cultural centers, museum and landmarks of our history as a nation. Take a stroll through the South with your family making these your next travel destinations. You can even turn this guide into an amazing road trip if you start at either Pensacola, Florida or Atlanta, Georgia and follow the destinations in order from Pensacola to Atlanta or vice-versa. 

7 Best Southern Travel Destinations South Travel Family

7 Best Southern Travel Destinations

Pensacola, Florida: This college town beach destination is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of bigger cities. Miles of gorgeous white sandy beaches are the greatest appeal for this destination. Fresh seafood is the theme at local restaurants, and you won’t be disappointed. Along with the classic beach and restaurant scene, you have shopping, local artisans and of course fun kids attractions like go-karts, miniature golf and similar.

Biloxi, Mississippi: A beautiful beach destination, Biloxi also offers a large number of casinos for adult fun. The music shows at the local casinos are worth the visit, but the beaches are the draw for most families. Area museums and restaurants will fill in the gaps between hours playing in the sand and surf.

New Orleans, Louisiana: Cajun territory is a must if you plan to take a tour of the South. Check out the rebuilds after Hurricane Katrina, or visit centuries old architecture throughout the city. Cemeteries hold a strange appeal in this city and even have after hours tours available. With the French Cajun atmosphere and cuisine you won’t be lacking for incredible food, music and nightlife. With parks, museums and kids centers throughout the city and outskirts you have plenty to see if it is a family vacation.

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas: Nestled between mountains and lakes this National Park is a city that is thriving. A beautiful downtown community offers unique bath house spa experiences, local artisans shops open for business and history that includes Al Pacino and various members of the mob. From the Gangster Museum and Maxwell Blade’s Theater of Magic downtown, to the local amusement and water park Magic Springs & Crystal Falls this city has everything your family would want.

Nashville, Tennessee: Home of the country music industry this is also a great small city with huge culture. As Nashville grows, so does the culture it brings. Art galleries, music venue of all varieties, and food that rivals bigger cities it is truly a gem in the South. Visit the Grand Ole Opry to become a part of the country music life you are a fan of. Head over to the Parthenon replica to learn about ancient history, as well as the beautiful park that was built for the fair many years ago. The city offers flight and airplane museums, military artifact exhibits and music at every corner.

Huntsville, Alabama: This is the home of the Apollo Missions of NASA. The United States Space And Rocket Center is where Space Camp happens for thousands of children each year. The museum, exhibit and interactive areas of this center make a wonderful attraction for the space nerds in the family. Along with this center, there are tons of local attractions around the NASA and military missions that begin in that area. While this city is known mostly for these things, don’t miss out on the local food scene while visiting.

Atlanta, Georgia: The heart of the South resides in Atlanta, Georgia. This big city in the South offers culture, theater, music, world-renowned chefs, shopping and of course landmarks from the Olympics for your family to visit. The Coca Cola museum is a huge hit, and Six Flags is a great choice for the family that loves amusement parks.

As you travel this year, consider these 7 best Southern travel destinations as potential places to take your family for a visit. From beautiful beaches to museums and historical landmarks, the South has tons to offer the traveling person or family. Experience a culture that has deep roots to family, food and friendship.

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  • This sounds like some great southern travel to me. I have been to Atlanta but that is the only one I have been to on the list. Thank you for sharing

  • I haven’t been to any of these places. I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Nashville! It sounds so fun!

  • This is a great list of southern destinations. I would love to visit Nashville in the near future.

  • I’ve been through Nashville & spent 1 day on the beach at Pensacola. I had the chance to actually visit New Orleans for 3 days. All were great. I want to make Hor Springs part of my next trip south. The others will follow! I hope!


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