Top This! Clever Parents-To-Be Announce Pregnancy With #ShareACoke Cans

The new #ShareACoke campaign has everyone searching high and low for their names in stores everywhere. This couple turned that search into a pregnancy announcement to beat all pregnancy announcements!

#shareacoke pregnancy announcement

I love it when people have the creativity to take something that is already fun and really work it in a way that no one else has yet. I’ve seen some awesome pregnancy announcements before, but this video here REALLY takes the cake!

Not only do they have fun with it, taking on the different voices of the name on the Diet Coke they are drinking – think Morgan Freeman & Arnold Schwarzenegger, but they are so cute doing it. Suddenly they notice that their own voices have returned, they turn their cans around to reveal whose name is on the can to make their pregnancy announcement! 

Don’t take my word on how cute this really is and see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I bet their birth announcement won’t be anything boring either!

What are some of the cutest and most creative ways you’ve seen a couple announce a pregnancy?

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