Top 5 Destinations For A Girls’ Trip

The hardest thing about planning a holiday with your favorite gal pals isn’t struggling to fit everything into a suitcase that feels smaller and smaller with every passing second, nor finding your way around an unfamiliar city, not even sitting in the back of a taxi in fits of stress urging the driver to speed so you don’t miss your flight – it’s finding a place to go to first! Never fear though: right here are the top five destinations you and your girls need to go to on your next trip!


This one is an obvious one since our favorite Sex in the City girls went there on what should have been Carrie’s honeymoon. While we felt for her during the movie, heartbroken and lonely, they still looked like they had a hell of a time! Don’t worry either, despite what you’ve heard it IS safe to visit Mexico!Mexico City, Cancun, Merida and so many other places are beautiful and totally safe. If you’re still worried though, you can head to Luggage Direct to invest in some safe luggage locks, or new bags. Don’t let what you’ve heard about Mexico put you off – you won’t regret holidaying there!

Caribbean Cruise

There’s absolutely no way you can argue with going on a cruise with your girlfriends – who doesn’t want to join a conga line, drink cocktails and limbo to your heart’s content? Take a cruise with your friends, relax for a week and spend your life savings’ in alcohol and duty-free shopping!


You might think, why on Earth would I want to visit the Trevi Fountain without my significant other? The answer is simple – girls will always be there for you! You’re not going to take a trip to Italy with your best friends and years later regret it – you might if you go with your current boyfriend! Besides, the shopping is too good in Rome to waste on a boy! Similar to Italy, you may think that you want to go to Paris with a boyfriend/husband – which is fine – but don’t count it out as a girls trip destination! Walking along the Champs Elysees with your best friends in tow will be the greatest thing you ever do! Stopping in at H&M, Sephora and Zara along your way will fill you with a joy you never knew you could feel!

West Coast of America

Everywhere along the west coast is where you want to be – LA, Vegas, San Francisco, and perhaps a little detour to Hawaii. Go to Vegas and live it up like you’re 21 again, head to LA and shop til you drop, visit the Golden Gate bridge in San Fran, and pretend you’re a pro surfer in Hawaii! It’s a girls trip you’ll never forget!

There you have it – the absolute best destinations for a girls trip. Basically, girls’ trips are all about shopping, the beach, and dancing like you’re 21. Wherever you go though, you’ll have a blast as long as it’s with the people who you love!

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