Travel Tuesday: Top 5 Baseball Stadiums To Visit This Summer

Baseball and summer go together perfectly, especially when paired with a beautiful summer vacation. It just so happens that several popular baseball stadiums are located in some really great vacation cities throughout the United States. Most baseball stadiums are in the cities that the teams call home, but a few are actually in neighboring cities. These Top 5 Baseball Stadiums to visit this summer will enhance your next family vacation and can help you select your next destination. Vacationing in a community rich and alive with baseball fun and history is exciting, there is usually plenty to see and do between games and sports activities. 

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Top 5 Baseball Stadiums to visit this summer and some ideas for putting together a great weekend of baseball themed fun.

Top 5 Baseball Stadiums To Visit This Summer

Wrigley Field, Chicago

Wrigley Field is ideally located in the heart of Chicago, Wrigleyville, close to Lake Michigan and the downtown area. No matter where you are staying in Chicago, as there are not too many hotels near the stadium itself, Wrigley Field is easy enough to get to using public transportation. Chicago in the summertime is a great destination, the beaches are open, sailboats are available for rental, hot dog stands are everywhere and you don’t even have to leave the neighborhood after the game ends to find some great late night entertainment.

Fenway Park, Boston

The iconic Fenway Park sits in the heart of Boston, very near the Charles River and right off Boylston Street. Baseball fans everywhere have memories of one significant game being played in the Park, even if it was only on the television. Fans are welcomed to the park and can take one of the many tours that are offered throughout the year. The best way to see Fenway Park though, is in action, when a game is happening. Boston is compact enough that there is plenty to do all within walking distance from the park, from famous parks to historical sites to world-class museums. Boston is also a great place to take quirky tours that appeal to all kinds of interests and fascinations. Baseball stadiums such as Fenway Park are a must see, especially for those visiting the Northeast coast.

Busch Stadium, St. Louis

If you have never been to St. Louis but enjoy watching the Cardinals play, a trip to Busch Stadium should be on the itinerary. Also in the heart of the city, the stadium is close to other attractions and accommodations that make it easy to get around, enjoy a couple of games and see the city. Before each game, fans love to tailgate, so there is definitely a welcoming environment for local fans and those coming in from out-of-town. After your visit to this great baseball stadium, head up in the St. Louis Arch, where you can get a bird’s eye view of the park, take a ride in a steamboat down the Mississippi River and visit the nearby state capitol building.

Oriole Park, Baltimore

While the Orioles might not always have the best team of the season, the fans are resilient and Baltimore and nearby D.C. make Oriole Park one of the greatest baseball stadiums and a great destination. The stadium is one of the favorites in the league because it’s a classic that reminds fans of the stadiums they grew up in – before so many were renovated or remade completely. The Baltimore skyline hints at some of the fun you can have in the city and D.C. is a short drive or train trip away, with more than enough attractions and events available to fill an entire weekend or week’s worth of time.

Yankee Stadium, New York City

Home of New York City’s most famous baseball team, the famous New York Yankees have been around long enough to see Hall of Fame players and soon to be Hall of Fame players touch the field. Yankee Stadium is probably one of the greatest Baseball Stadiums you will ever see in your life. From The Babe to The Captain, the Yankees have had the stadium packed to watch the best players in the world shine on the greatest field in the world. The new and improved Yankee Stadium mixes an old and new format that the older generation and newer generation can kick back together and enjoy a classic game of baseball with a side of hot dogs. Considering one of the BEST baseball stadiums ever, Yankee Stadium is definitely a must see at least once in your life as it is not just any ordinary baseball field. It is New York City’s history, from past to future, and will always be the legendary home that attracts big names and the loyalist fans. And after all, you are in the city that never sleeps! The Big Apple is a mega center for so much sightseeing as a family, couple or even on your own.

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  • Super sad you didn’t have my hometown stadium!! The Milwaukee Brewers stadium is so fantastic and so fun!! It is an amazing experience and a stadium I highly recommend 😉

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      Can you tell me a little bit about it so I can make sure we add it to our next Baseball stadiums to visit??


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