Working a summer job is a great way for teens to prepare for their future independence. Check out these top 10 summer jobs for teens.

Top 10 Summer Jobs for Teens

There’s still time to get working on searching for summer jobs for teens that want to make some money this summer! Working a summer job is a great way for teens to learn financial responsibility and independence. It can also help prepare them for their future career path. If your teen knows the direction they want their career to go, they should look for a summer job in that specific field to get a taste of what it is like. It’s also a great way to explore different aspects within a field. Summer jobs for teens are an important stepping stone towards gaining independence. 

If they have no idea what you want to do, a summer job might help them decide. They’ll learn what’s expected of them in the workpalce and have an opportunity to learn new skills. Is your teen ready to start his or her working career?

Working a summer job is a great way for teens to prepare for their future independence. Check out these top 10 summer jobs for teens.

Top 10 summer jobs for teens

1. Food service – There are many opportunities for teens who want to get into the restaurant and fast food industry. Teens are hired to run the cash register, take orders, prepare food, clean tables, wash dishes and serve as hosts and hostesses. For many teens, food service is their first ever job.

2. Babysit – If your teen loves spending time with younger kids, babysitting is a great job for teens. They’ll need to be responsible and have lots of patience. It also helps to be CPR certified, so they know what to do in the event of an emergency.

3. Tutor – Have a teen that excels in academics? Many great students can help teach younger kids to be great students too. Tutoring helps kids that are behind in school catch up so they won’t struggle as much during the upcoming year. 

4. Caddy – Love sports, the great outdoors and doing a lot of walking, this would be the perfect job for an athletic teen. Your teen will need to know the basics of playing golf in order to be a good caddy and have the physical strength to carry the golf clubs. There are plenty of YouTube video tutorials on the basics of playing golf.

5. Retail – Many teens opt for a position in retail. Lots of stores hire teenagers during the summer months to help handle the extra business they often receive. Positions include everything from putting up stock to checking out customers. Have them apply to a store they love shopping at – many employers offer employee discounts as a perk!

6. Dog walker or pet sitter – Pet owners everywhere are searching for someone to take good care of their pets while they’re working or away on vacation. They will hire teens to walk their dog or just sit and play with their pets for a while so they are not alone all day. Dog walking and sitting is a booming business and these kinds of summer jobs for teens can turn into something even bigger!

7. Running errands – If you’ve got a teen with a car then they can run errands for the elderly in their community. Make trips to the grocery store or pharmacy to pick up their medication. Or even as a mom’s helper driving kids to and from their activities.

8. Lifeguard – If your teen loves spending time in the sun, they’re a great swimmer and they’re CPR certified, this may be the best summer job for your teen. It does come with a lot of responsibility to keep swimmers safe and may also require additional training in first aid and basic water rescue.

9. Movie attendant – Running the ticket booth, working concessions or keeping the theater clean are all great movie theater jobs for teens. It’s clean, air-conditioned and has a fun atmosphere. Plus unlimited free movies!!!

10. Garden and lawn care – Mowing, weed eating and tending gardens are good jobs for teens. They may get a little sweaty and dirty but it’ll keep them in shape and put a little money in their pocket.

Before seeking a summer job, think about what types of things your teen enjoys doing. This will help them find what jobs they’re well suited for. If they’re not fond of animals, then dog walking would be off the list and so forth. Choose a summer job that suits their personality and interest. What was your first summer job?


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  • Great ideas- my daughter is going to middle school and some of these might be really nice little odd jobs make some extra money.


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