Tips To Help Your College Student Study While Away

College life…dorm rooms…new friends…parties…Who has time to study? With so many activities happening on campus and new friends to meet, a freshman in college can become lost quickly in the hustle and bustle of college life. The right tips can help your college student study while away and help ease the transition from home life to dorm life. During J-bird’s senior year, he was juggling athletics, student government, volunteering, and still managed to graduate co-salutatorian. Sometimes I look back and simply can’t figure out how he did it all and kept his grades up because it seemed like he was never studying. I’d sometimes find him “napping” before dinner, or texting late into the evening hours – when he should have studied.

Tips To Help Your College Student Study While Away AT&T Smart Limits Plan Review

When his end of year college freshman grades came back, neither of us were absolutely pleased. J-bird quickly realized college was not high school. Over the summer we tossed around some ideas on what I could do to help him stay on track when sophomore year started. AT&T offered to provide J-bird with a new phone. The catch? J-bird and I were to test out a new feature called the AT&T Smart Limits Plan and see how we can use it to help him keep his grades up and create some tips to help your college student study too. 

We sat down before J-bird left for the fall semester and took a good look at his class schedule. We earmarked times for study throughout the week – during these times his phone would be shut down. But we both knew just having him manually turn it off wouldn’t work – that’s like having a chocolate bar sitting in front of you and saying you won’t eat it – and that’s where the AT&T Smart Limits Plan came in to help us.

Signing up for the Smart Limits Plan was super easy – as soon as I remembered my AT&T login info that is. I was able to set up the controls within a few minutes, and as soon as he placed his very next text, I instantly could view the activity. With the Smart Limits plan as part of your game plan for tips to help your college student study, you can easily block calls, texts, set monthly limits, and manage data usage. Mostly importantly we were able to create a restriction schedule around his school hours, and the study time we mapped out. I was able to add important numbers like my own and Papas as accessible at all times – for safety reasons 911 calls are allowed any time, regardless of restrictions. Once you’ve got the account set up, you can download the Smart Limits companion app to your phone and make changes and view reports from your own device on the go.

Creating the following tips to help your college student while away was a collaborative effort and I enjoyed the extra time J-bird and I were able to spend together doing so before the summer came to a close. Letting go is all part of letting them grow, but it’s part of the job to help your college student study and succeed. This is what I envision is happening in his dorm room 24/7…a Mama can dream right? 

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Tips To Help Your College Student Study While Away

Create a video chat account – Using video chat helps keep us connected in a much closer way even though we are 1500 miles apart. We get to chat face to face, provide moral support, talk about everything from what’s happening on campus to keeping him involved with what’s happening at home and seeing his little sisters.

Pizza incentives – I encourage J-bird to get his dorm roommates together for some downtime by ordering them a couple of pies of pizza every once in a while. This gives them time to chat and get to know each other better while they munch on the pizza – and it just so happens that it tends to bring up current classwork, and any issues any of them are having for discussion and can help your college student study better with the support of friends.

AT&T Smart Limits Plan – Knowing your limits and following through isn’t always easy. Taking the temptation away from texting the night away before a big final has it’s rewards – big “A” type rewards! Help your college student study and they’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to stay focused.

As for privacy, your teen can rest assured that none of his text messages can been seen or read via the Smart Limits plan or companion app. The only thing I can see is which numbers he’s texting/calling – just as I would on our detailed bill. Last month I was in the top 3 for numbers he texts…this month it seems he’s made a new friend! See for yourself how the AT&T Smart Limits Plan works with a free 30 days trial available for any new Smart Limits user, and just $4.99 a month after for 1 line of monitoring or $9.99 for up to 10 lines.

Have you discovered ways to help your college student study while away? Has there been something easy you’ve discovered that has made a huge impact on them and helped ease your mind?

Disclosure: Today’s Tips To Help Your College Student Study While Away story was sponsored by AT&T. I received product samples and compensation. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. As noted in all of my stories, I only share those that I feel with be useful to you, the reader, to help you find a bit of sanity alongside me. Thank you for allowing me to multitask my way through this world in order to share my tips and tricks with you. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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  • My sisters are in college so I’ll have to tell them about this.

  • These are great tips. I especially like the pizza incentive!

  • I have a daughter in college, and this is good information for me to relay and share with her, I know how hard it is , if your like
    me you went to college also and its wasn’t easy staying focus on the work with so many things going on on campus. So having something
    as simple as att or making pizza day to keep them in there room to study is a wonderful idea.


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