The Ice Cream Truck Has Nothing On This Playground Must Have!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wubble Bubble Ball. Mama’s Mission received product samples and compensation to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few weeks ago I took my girls to NYC with me for a blogging conference. Since I arrived a few days prior to, I wanted to make sure I gave them my undivided attention since I would be “gone” for two days. On Saturday we went to visit our cousins, whom they have never met before. Sunday was just a chill day at the park. Monday and Tuesday it rained, so on Wednesday we took them to the Hall of Science.

Thursday and Friday I was at the conference and they stayed with my friend Fafa. I know they had a great time with her, but I missed them terribly. To make it up to them I was going to take them to the park for the entire day on Saturday, and invited friends to join us. What I didn’t expect was to be given the opportunity to really make Em’s entire day!

Shortly before I left the conference I was invited to check out the Wubble Bubble Ball. They were one of the sponsors at the event, but things were so busy I never did get the chance to go over to their table. I had seen some kids sitting on some giant ball but thought to myself there is NO WAY I will ever get that back to Miami. Boy was I wrong! Yes, I can admit to being wrong, lol. The Wubble is small and compact enough to fit right into our diaper bag.

So what’s a Wubble Bubble Ball? It’s an inflatable giant ball. Not your average big ball from the store, not even close. The Wubble Ball is a unique, one of a kind, makes your kid an instant star at the park, kind of ball! I was ready to check this out myself. I called up one of my friends that was on their way over to meet us and asked them to pick up four (4) D batteries for the pump. And so the adventure began.

We got to the park and got to work on inflating the Wubble Bubble Ball. Side note: you will need four D batteries and a small Phillips screwdriver. The Wubble comes with an inserter for the pump, but it’s a bit tricky to get in correctly to inflate. I highly recommend you watch this video to make it a smooth transition. Once we got it going, it was ready in just minutes. It inflates up to 3 feet!


The kids in the park came running to the Wubble as if we were handing out candy and ice cream. Some even knew it and called out to it by name!!! One little boy said to his sister, “Do you know that’s a Wubble? I wish I had a Wubble!” It really was an instant hit. It was unanimous, even the kids coloring stopped what they were doing to play with the Wubble.



They kids had a blast and I really tried to get them to keep it on the softer rubber matting for fear it would burst on the concrete. It stood up to a bunch of kids and the concrete. I wouldn’t recommend hard surfaces, grassy areas are best. I really wanted to put it to the test so that’s why I chose the park as our play area for the Wubble, that and the LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE*!





So what does a Wubble do? You can sit on it, lay on it, carry it, throw it, play catch, and so much more. The opportunities are endless as the Wubble goes indoors and outdoors. The Wubble is lightweight enough for my tot to carry it, making this a great ball for all ages.

Made from a unique thermo-stretch material, the Wubble™ bubble ball’s patent-pending technology makes it squishy, strong and incredibly lightweight. Kids can kick it, slam it, throw it, bounce it, smoosh it and smash it.

The Wubble is easy to tote around because the same pump you use to inflate it, also deflates it in under a minute. It is made from a unique thermo-stretch material and is washable so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty, and boy was it dirty after the water balloon fight.


There are a few options for purchasing a Wubble. You can find them in your local stores like Target or you can order your Wubble online! The Wubble Deluxe Set comes with a red Wubble ball, battery-operated air pump, deflation tool and instruction booklet for just $19.99 plus $8.99 P&H. When you place your order, you’ll get a SECOND blue Wubble for just $8.99 with FREE processing and handling. Two for 1….Deal Steal!!!! If you’d rather pick one up in store you can do so too, just $19.99 for Wubble & pump or $15 for just a Wubble!

Check out all the fun the kids had with the Wubble Bubble Ball!

Whatever you do, prepare to be the center of attention where ever you go! For Em’s next birthday party I plan on getting a few of these for the kids to play with instead of a bounce house. Simple, easy, and then we can even give them away at the end of the party as party favors!

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