The Arrival Of Anabelle – A Preemie In The Making

I was extremely excited to find out in April of this year that hubby and I were expecting again. Em had just turned 13 months old and was quickly becoming independent. J is in his senior year of high school and has pretty much packed his bags for college.

At four months preggo we got the news that it was to be another girl, confirmed by 3 lines on the ultrasound screen. Hip hip hooray! I was overjoyed to say the least. Em was going to be a big sister and a best friend for life.


Read on….

At around six months preggo we decided to enroll Em in preschool. This would surely give us some time to all prepare for the new baby.

At 26 weeks preggo I developed a cold courtesy of Em and preschool. After a few days of hard coughing and blogger conferences, I noticed some bleeding. We went to get it checked out and I was deemed to be in pre-term labor. The monitor picked up some contractions, I was given two shots to stop them and sent home on bed rest.

The following Friday I ran into a sale on toilet paper and paper towels I couldn’t pass up. The next morning brought with it more bleeding. Back to Labor and Delivery for another check up. No contractions but they decided to keep me for observation.

I won’t bore you with all the details but it went something like this. The bleeding would stop and I would be allowed to move around a bit. The day I was to be released the bleeding would start again and back on bed rest. Two weeks on and off my feet in the hospital and as my hair is being washed by hubby and a sweet nurse, my water breaks. To be continued….

Do you have a baby story you’d like to share? Any advice for a new preemie mom?

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