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Poochi is no doubt the most human like dog I have ever met. He swears he should be sitting at the dinner table with us, sleeping in bed with us and always wants to go everywhere we go. I don’t blame him, I would too. Recently we were invited to try Purina One and take the 28-day challenge to see the Purina One difference for ourselves, more specifically for Poochi.

Purina One difference 28-day challenge food

Seeing as how we want only the best for our loved one, I accepted the Purina One Difference 28-Day Challenge from Smiley360 in order to give Poochi the best. Whenever changing Poochi’s food I always start out by offering him the new food as a treat.

Purina One Difference 28-day Challenge 1

Once the new food passes the sniff and treat test, I start to offer it to him at his next meal. I fill his bowl with half his regular food on one side and then I filled the other half with the Purina One SmartBlend we received.

Purina One Difference 28-day Challenge-3

One of the reasons, okay, more than one, that we accepted the 28-day challenge was to see the Purina One difference: 

– Taste
– Energy
– Skin and Coat
– Digestibility
– Dental Health
– Bright Eyes

Purina One Difference 28-day Challenge-1

Sniffing out and checking out his meal. He quickly noticed a difference between the regular food on the left and the Purina One on the right.

Purina One Difference 28-day Challenge-2

I left him to eat in peace while I tended to getting dinner ready for the girls. By the time I turned back all the Purina One was gone and his regular food was just sitting there. Clearly even Poochi was able to recognize what is good for him.

The Purina One dog line comes in a varieties of 12 dry dog foods, and 7 wet dog foods. Poochi mostly eats dry food, but we do like to give him wet food from time to time. Being able to stick to one brand of food provides overall consistency for his belly.

Purina One Difference – 28-day challenge

Poochi was happy with Purina One difference 28-day challenge, and whatever makes him happy, makes me happy. We definitely noticed some changes in his energy levels, his skin and coat and his eyes. He’s also going number 2 more regularly – and has been less picky about where he goes, which is great for me because he goes out and does his business without delay.

Purina ONE® Dog Food uses a smartblend of ingredients which means complete and balanced nutrition that can support your dog’s well-being at every life stage. More importantly they use real meat, and it’s always the 1st ingredient.

More than 60,000 dog owners have already registered for the 28-day challenge, will you? Make the switch today and see the difference it makes in your dog. Sign up for the 28-day challenge and receive a $3 coupon! Will you be making the switch?

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  • Rosie really likes this dog food the turkey and venison

  • I don’t have a pet right now, I’m hoping to have a dog when I move. I would start out with this Purina, not even bother comparing. This is amazing!

  • I have 5 cats inside and a dog. ALL of them eat Purina One and have for years. I love how they enjoy it. The dog especially enjoys his, and all of our animals live very long healthy lives.

  • Two dogs Stella & Khole, they are getting older now & I wanted to change to something more healthy & easier to digest. so I tried the small bites beef n rice also chicken n rice. they seem to like it.We have tried the can dog food too, noticed they did not care for the veninson taste but likes the other flavors

  • CJ our 7 year old GSD loves the Turkey & venison

  • I have been using Purina One dog food for years because of it’s high rating.

  • I see dogs and cats in the ad but only dogs on line what gives and where is the challenge

  • I have bought PurinaOne ( chicken and Rice) for Mocha, border collie, since she was born (9yrs). Nothing else. I will stick with this for her health. Thank you Purina.

  • My Corgi puppy is supremely fussy. I always have to sit by him and coax him to eat. Tonight was his first with Purina ONE puppy and he ate it all up. Amazing.

  • as I believe I already posted is this just for dogs or are cats included I have as yet to receive any feed back I do have a bag of the cat food with the coupon on it and would like to know how to go about getting the other promised $5.00 I have two other high price varieties of cat food that even the wild animals refusee to eat for obviour reasons I will not mention the names but I am contacting the maker to tel them wha t terrible product the make I tried my Herd of cats the ferals out side two other families who have cats and last the wild animals with no luck

  • My dog( Sunny) Whippet/husky mix 13 yo, has always eaten Purina one. She loves it and most always licks hew bowl clean. I mix her dry food with half a can Of Merricks canned food. I have no complaints and am very pleased with her overall health.


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