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Budget Friendly Tips for Keeping Children Entertained During the Christmas Season

As the Christmas season settles upon us, there is an almost palpable energy in the air and a magic twinkle in the eyes of children.  The anticipation of Christmas Day is larger than children are tall and seems to radiate from their little beings!  Knowing how to celebrate and help children enjoy the season in an affordable way can often feel overwhelming.

How Do You Define Love At First Sight? #PampersPrimerasVeces

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My definition of love at first sight is that feeling I get when I hold my baby for the first time. AB aka Preemie was born 10 weeks premature. When she made her arrival I wasn’t even sure I would be able to hold her right away. Preemie spent the first eight weeks of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.

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Do you have an infant that is ready to start walking? Save yourself from the back aches of teaching your little to walk on his own. I remember how much back pain I had from bending over to help aid Em’s when she was learning to walk. I am sure to now add this to children’s 1st Birthday gifts if they are still in the process of learning how to walk.

Teach Your Baby To Walk With The Juppy – The No Bending Solution

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Teaching your baby to learn how to walk can be quite the taxing exercise, especially for back pain sufferers. We used classic mobile  walkers for J-bird and Em. They are great but present their own set of dangers, especially in homes with staircases. Some people might even tell you that mobile walkers actually detract from teaching children how to properly walk.