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Facebook has made some fun updates to their mobile app. The latest includes the new Facebook Camera Mask and you can transform yourself into a Minion!

New Facebook Camera Mask – Transform Yourself Into A Minion

If you recently updated the Facebook app on your mobile phone you’ve noticed a lot of new changes. For starters the camera button is now on the top left where the messenger button used to be. These new changes also include a “Stories” section at the top similar to the recent Instagram updates. With this new update also comes the Facebook Camera Mask, sort of like the you find in Snapchat.

Whether shopping for a tech novice or savvy geek, here are the Top 5 Must Have Tech Gadgets sure to please everyone on your gift giving list!

Mama’s Gift Guide: Top 5 Must Have Tech Gadgets

Mama’s Gift Guide: Top 5 Must Have Tech Gadgets is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links.
Shopping for technology loving family and friends doesn’t have to take your breath away or break your wallet. Everyone loves a good tech gadget, but finding the right one can be a tough choice. From the youngest to the oldest, from the tech for dummies readers to the tech pro’s, these must have tech gadgets will be fun for everyone.

I have something to tell you...BUT It Can Wait and here is why. I want you to arrive home safely, so take the pledge to put it down! #ItCanWait

I Have Something To Tell You BUT It Can Wait And Here Is Why

My friends and loved ones mean more to me than I can ever express in words. They’ve been there for me through my ups and my downs – they are my tribe and without them I’d be lost. I truly enjoy being in good company, which is why I’m always hosting a get together – sometimes it’s just us moms, other times it’s the entire family – everyone under my roof talking, laughing and eating. True Russian style.