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The 2018 Florida Tax Free Weekend is happening August 3rd through August 5th. Now is the time to save on school supplies and back to school clothes!

Save On Sales Tax During The 2018 Florida Tax Free Weekend August 3rd – 5th!

With the 2018 Florida Tax Free Weekend here, it’s time to head out and pick up those school supplies you’ve put off buying. The 2018 Florida Sales Tax Holiday is happening now, August 3rd through August 5th, and you don’t want to miss out on a chance to save on sales taxes for those items you’ll be purchasing anyway.

List of States Offering Celebrating Tax Free Holidays!

Today I posted about the Tax Free Holiday happening this weekend in Florida. I did some research and found that several other states are holding similar holidays too!

Are you look to save money on your children’s back to school shopping need? Most tax holidays take place during the month of August to lend parents a hand!
Most of these tax-free weekends include all back to school necessities such as school supplies, clothes, shoes and sometimes even personal computers.