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Spending your weekend at child's sporting event can be long and uncomfortable. Enter for your chance to win the Kelysus Original Canopy Chair giveaway.

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If you’ve ever had to spend a weekend at your child’s sporting event, then you know how long the day can seem. Throw in an unshaded metal bench area for seating and its pure torture. When J had games we always brought out own chairs with us for comfort. Ours weren’t the fancy ones with legs rests or a canopy but I can promise you they will be next time! Check out these perfect outdoor chairs and upgrade your next sporting event experience.

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Get your game on! Join the Clubhouse gang with Mickey Mouse for the greatest sporting event ever! All of our favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters are ready to challenge themselves in this action-filled sports tournament. Your little one can join in on the fun competition with their very own exclusive Golden Mickey Medal which is included in each Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon DVD.

Travel Tuesday: Top 5 Baseball Stadiums To Visit This Summer

Baseball and summer go together perfectly, especially when paired with a beautiful summer vacation. It just so happens that several popular baseball stadiums are located in some really great vacation cities throughout the United States. Most baseball stadiums are in the cities that the teams call home, but a few are actually in neighboring cities. These Top 5 Baseball Stadiums to visit this summer will enhance your next family vacation and can help you select your next destination.

McFarland, USA: Film Review A Tale Of Community, Culture And An American Dream

What happens when you bring cross-country running into a little town called McFarland? You learn lessons about life, people and community living. You learn about what hard work really is and how when you work hard, it can pay off big.
Sports in movies seems to be an ever-increasing popular subject. As a mama of a sports player, I truly have a fond appreciation when I see a new movie release related to sports, but it is really the underlining story that attracts me to any given sports movie.