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Join the #ItsHowYouFrameIt Twitter Party to learn about the stylish frames giving you clearer outlook on life on 11/13 at 9pm EST. Must RSVP to win prizes!

#ItsHowYouFrameIt Twit­ter Party 11/13 @ 9PM EST RSVP To Win!

Your eyes are important. After your annual checkup, you got the news that you need glasses. Checking out all those pretty frames in the showcase brings a smile to your face until you see the price tag. Having a nice set of frames without it costing a fortune is a treat with EyeBuyDirect because there is no middleman. During this sponsored hour we will be chatting about how to stay stylish while spending less! Plus, all participants that RSVP will have a chance to win some pretty AWESOME prizes.

It's time to help make another dancers dreams come true. If you have new or used dance shoes you can help when you donate dance shoes to Footloose.

Take The Leap To Help Another Dancer In Need – Donate Dance Shoes To FootLoose!

Today’s social good post is sponsored by Leap! I’ve partnered with Bloggin’ Mamas to share this information so you can donate dance shoes to FootLoose. All opinions expressed are my own.
In support of the home entertainment release of the heartwarming animated family adventure, Leap!, Lionsgate has partnered with the non-profit organization, FOOTLOOSE, to gather donations of new and gently used dance shoes to help aspiring dancers in need.

It's time to increase understanding and acceptance of autism. Too many are struggling without the basic support they need. It's time to light it up blue!

It’s Time To Light It Up Blue To Increase Understanding And Acceptance Of Autism

Do you know someone affected by autism?I do and I’ve seen the struggles first hand. The struggles to get proper care, proper schooling, and even the struggle to be understood and accepted. Why am I supporting the cause? Because it’s important, because it affects people I know and love, because not enough is known yet. It’s highly likely that you know someone with autism too. With your help and support we can help increase understanding and acceptance of autism.

Enter to win a $100 Target Gift Card and BOOMCHICKAPOP bundle so that you can try all five of the new flavors of your favorite popcorn!

$100 Target Gift Card & BOOMCHICKAPOP Giveaway

I’m crushing it by living each day to the fullest! That includes not only doing whats important for myself and my family, but helping others as well.

POP of Positivity Tour
The Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP POP of Positivity Tour is encouraging fans to celebrate positivity and “Crush It” by bringing the BOOM and inspiring others around the country to do the same.
The POP of Positivity Tour is free and open to the public and is taking place in five U.S.