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Brownie Brittle Packs A Crispy Bite #Giveaway #MamasSnacks

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Brownie Brittle and Mama’s Mission bring you this yummy snacking giveaway to help you satisfy all your chocolate cravings. After getting a sampling of all the delicious flavors at Blogher the awesome staff behind the Brownie Brittle reached out to share a 4pk of their delicious snacks.

Mrs. Fields #Nibblers Are Bringing Homemade To Your Home

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Once upon a time when I had time to bake cookies I would never have dared to buy anything store-bought. Nowadays with two under two I barely have time to shower. From time to time J-bird, who loves desserts, lends a hand and makes cookies and brownies on his own.

10 Minute Easy Guacamole Recipe

Ever wanted to make your own guacamole? I’m here to show you how easy it can be done and it only takes about 10 minutes total! The recipe below will serve at least 6 people. The pictures included in this post was a half serving of this recipe.

Shopping List:
Bag of Tortilla Chips
4 Avocado’s
1 Red Onion
1 Lemon
Kosher Salt

Cut your avocados in half the long way down. Twist to open. Carefully use a knife to jam lengthwise into the pit and turn to remove.

Family Friendly Snacking Done Right With Harvest Snaps

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My friend Michele introduced me to Harvest Snaps about a year ago. She was feeding them to her toddler twins as a snack and offered some to Em. Michele tries very hard to feed her boys only healthy snacks. I let Em have some because I trust Michele’s food choices. Em loved them. Several months later during a food shopping trip Papa starts to describe a snack he tried that one of his co-workers was eating.