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If you've been looking for how to upgrade to a smart home on a budget, look no further! Here are 10 budget friend products every smart home needs.

How To Upgrade To A Smart Home On A Budget

We’ve recently started renovations on our new home. Yay! One of the top things I spoke with my contractor about was trying to create a smart home environment – on a budget. I had really hoped to get to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) but with the closing date on the home up in the air I had to cross it off my list this year. Fortunately for me a mini version was about to come to Miami and I was excited.

How to Create the Ultimate Smart Home

Do you live in a Smart Home? With new technologies we are now able to operate certain functions of our homes without even being present. This is great for those times you go on vacation; since you can still see who is at your door. Want your home a little warmer or cooler when you arrive, simple, just use the accompanying app to control your smart thermostat.