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Groovy Joe isn't your average dog he loves music, singing and ICE CREAM!!! Will Groovy Joe share his beloved doggy ice cream with his unexpected guests???

Bedtime Stories with Groovy Joe: Ice Cream and Dinosaurs {Giveaway}

I’ve partnered with Scholastic once again to introduce you to the grooviest dog on the planet! Groovy Joe isn’t your average dog, he’s groovy in all sorts of ways – especially in his love for music, singing and ICE CREAM!!! Who doesn’t love ice cream, right? Well, it’s time to get grooving because some unexpected guests are about to arrive and they want only one thing – ICE CREAM.

Why Children Should Never HAVE TO Share

Why Children Should Never HAVE TO Share

So last Sunday – because everything happens on Sunday, right? – my three (almost four) year old was complaining about a pain in her mouth. Dr. Mama is on duty 24/7 so I took a peek and asked Dr. Google to help diagnosis. Cranker sores…okay, I can live with that. Nothing a bit of Oragel can’t fix right? Wrong! That was just the first sign of what was still to come.