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Comiendo con BFG and try my mother's famous fresh salad, a play on the snozzcumber that our friend The Big Friendly Giant eats, but way more yummy!

Comiendo con BFG – The BFG Snozzcumber Salad Recipe

In Disney’s The BFG, the giant refuses to eat children and therefore only has a diet of Snozzcumbers (a zucchini/cucumber type vegetable.) It’s described as having a horrible taste, so I wanted to share with you a salad that I grew up eating that is the exact opposite and tastes delicious. It’s a very simple salad and has only 5 ingredients, is easy to make, and very refreshing, especially in the summer months.

Foodie Friday: Caprese Salad Tower Little Bites Recipe

One of my favorite salads is the Caprese Salad. Quick and easy to make, these Caprese Salad Towers are the perfect treat for a light meal or as a great party platter. Buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes are your main ingredients for the Caprese Salad and can be found in most local grocery stores. Not only an adult favorite, but kids will love building these towers too. I really enjoy preparing foods that allow for the kids to help out.