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Grush – The Gaming Toothbrush Your Kids Will Love

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Tired of fighting the daily tooth brushing battle with your kids? Looking for a fun and innovative way to have your kids begging to brush? It’s time to check out the newest and latest in toothbrush technology. I know, I know, why didn’t I/you/we think of this??? Onto phase two, time to make sure your kid is the first on the block to be bragging about brushing.

Are You Brushing Like The Dentist Told You? #Review

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I really need to go to the orthodontist and get these braces off already. I have so been slacking! I had them put on in July of 2012. I was on schedule to have them removed December 2013. Yeah, I know, tomorrow is March already. How long can I get away with the “but I just had a baby” excuse?
I have tried to take good care of my teeth in the meantime because I don’t know what to expect when the braces come off.