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Lego Party Game and Activity Ideas Kids Will Love

Are you planning a Lego party? Don’t let creative block keep you from planning an exciting celebration! Legos are such a great learning toy and lend themselves to an awesome party theme! We’re happy that Jennifer Carver, from Spaceships and Laser Beams, is here today sharing 5 Lego party game and activity ideas kids will love. With four Lego-loving kids of her own, we can’t wait to hear Jen’s ideas.
Lego fans love to build, create and let their imaginations soar.

LEGO Fans Can Now Create Their Own Skits! #Giveaway

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We do a lot of traveling as a family. Some of those travels are done as road trips with many hours spent in the car. I try to keep the kids entertained with traditional games like I Spy and lots of singing. Keeping their attention focused isn’t always easy, especially when the “are we there yet?” questions begin. For those moments, I let them use my phone to play games on while I focus on the road ahead.