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Kocaso Nova One Android 3G Smart Phone #Giveaway

Get ready to chat it up, read, play games and more. Every wish your phone could multitask the way you need it to without straining your eyes? Check out the all new Kocaso Nova One!

Powerful, Smart and Easy to Use – KOCASO NOVA ONE, Quad-Core CPU Up to 1.2GHz, Android 4.4, TF card slot (Up to 32GB), Capacitive IPS screen and more. Fast Quad-core processor opens up programs and webpages seamlessly.

laptop notebook nextbook 10.1

nextbook 10.1 Quad Core Tablet #Giveaway

One tiny tablet…but one powerful online gaming, networking, homework and more, tool! Looking for a new way to get online? Check out what the nextbook has to offer for that and more.

The nextbook has a quad-core Atom processor which is great for speed. The on-screen keyboard is easy to master and has multiple layouts for your convenience. The screen is a little over 10 inches and the colors are super rich and vivid, great for watching movies and gaming.

Toy Piano By Schoenhut 18 Key Mini Grand #Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cascio Interstate Music. I received product samples of the product mentioned below. All opinions are my own.
Music is said to be good for the mind, body and soul. It has a calming nature about it that you can not find in anything else, except maybe art. Remember playing the recorder as your first musical instrument in school? It wasn’t really about learning how to play a recorder as much as it was to teach students how to read music.