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Joovy Boob and Balloon for Baby Joovy Tuesday Giveaway

Joovy Boob and Balloon for Baby Giveaway!

The Joovy Boob and Balloon for Baby Giveaway  is here!!! To kickoff Joovy Tuesday for 2016, Joovy will be introducing their newest and award-winning favorites on Tuesdays. This week Joovy wants to introduce you to the Joovy Boob Baby Bottle, as well as their newest addition, the Joovy Balloon Stroller.

Everyone loves a giveaway and Joovy wants you to score some awesome Joovy swag.

Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Love Registry Event #Giveaway

The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Love Registry Event is finally here!!! As you might recall I did a review on the Boob a while back. The Boob was a real lifesaver for us, and made feeding time fun by allowing Papa to help out when my own boobs needed a break from breastfeeding.

The Joovy PPSU Boob Baby Bottle was introduced in 2013. With it’s medical-grade plastic it can withstand repeated sterilizations at high temperatures without changing the composition of the material.

When Mama’s Not Around The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Is A Natural Choice

Disclosure: I received the following product for review purposes.
Mama’s Mission
introduces the
Joovy Boob Baby Bottle!
We’ve all heard that breast is best. In theory it’s fantastic. No need to prepare anything, it’s always available and at just the right temperature. In practice, every Mama needs a break from time to time. Naturally if I am not there I want to make sure that my little one is getting the best available. Something that makes her and I feel comfortable.