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Inside Out Giveaway – Family Movie Night Activities & More

If you’ve ever had to move as a child you know that it can be a time that is filled with emotions. Children feel all sorts of emotions throughout their day, and getting to know them is a healthy part of growing up. Understanding emotions allows a child to express themselves without fear of what is happening. Joy is a favorite emotion in our home – especially with the girls.

Last night we enjoyed a family movie night with all of our emotions from Inside Out.

Inside Out Printable Activity Pages and Games!

Riley and all her emotions are ready to have some fun with you! These Inside Out printable activity pages and games will be a huge hit with your family. The Inside Out printable activity pages aren’t just for the kids. You can have fun too and let out the kid in you. Be sure to click on the link or photos below to print out the Inside Out printable to get started.

Inside Out Inspired Recipes Kid Friendly Food And Dessert

These Inside Out inspired recipes will make eating fun for the kids! All these recipes contain steps to them that your child can help you with in the kitchen. There is nothing more enjoyable for me than when the girls hang out and help me prepare meals. Doing so gives them a stake in what’s being served and makes them more eager to sit through the meal and clean off their plates.