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Produce For Kids: Healthy Families, Helping Kids With Publix

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Produce for Kids and Publix. I have received a gift card and will be using it to donate food to a local charity.
Produce For Kids
Even if you have only been following me for a short period, the one thing you have come to learn is that I am a mush for Social Good campaigns, just like the Produce for Kids campaign that was recently launched. I just can’t say no, ever! Especially when it involves children, oh gosh I love kids.

Turkey Chili Slow Cooker Recipe – Hearty & Healthy With Kale

Turkey Chili Slow Cooker Recipe

If you are looking for a new fun way to make chili in your slow cooker, this Hearty Turkey Chili Slow Cooker Recipe will make for an easy start. With a short prep time, dinner will be ready by the time you arrive at home. Slow cooker recipes are a mama’s best friend. The day can be quite busy for stay at home mama’s, work at home mama’s and those mama’s that commute to work.

NutriBullet Pro 900 Series #Giveaway

One of the purest ways to get all nutrients and vitamins is to eat your share of fruit and veggies as part of your daily diet. But who has time to keep track of that? With shakes, you can put everything you need into one easy drink!
Have you been wanting to get in better shape or eat healthier? Well, now is your chance. With the NutriBullet it’s very simple to get all your daily fruits and vegetables in.