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I Met A Man Today That Was Once My Little Boy

Many, many years ago, okay 18 years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. I was young, I was single, I was a statistic.
It was likely I wasn’t going to finish high school, graduate college or get a real job. It was likely that my son wasn’t going to have the best life. It was BULLSHIT, and I was determined to rise above it, for MY SON.
Let me start by saying that I owe A LOT to my own Mama for being there for me and for pushing me to do better, achieve more, reach higher.

How Do You Put 17 Years Of Motherhood Into Just A Few Short Words?

J-bird is a senior in High School this year. I had him young and was a single mom for a very long time until I met my husband in 2007. For 11 years it was just J-bird and I.
Now he’s getting ready to leave the nest and return to our hometown of NYC to attend my Alma Mater, St. John’s University. Before he goes there is so much to do and prepare for, including his final year of High School.