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BubbleBum Booster Seat + Lego Gift Card #Giveaway

So much has changed since J-bird was in a car seat. The rules, the suggestions, the improved safety. Child Passenger Safety week is so important and brings valuable information to parents to help keep their child safe when traveling in a vehicle.

Child Passenger Safety Week is here and it’s a good time to remember we all need a “boost” once and awhile.

$50 Target Gift Card #Giveaway Sponsored by Sprinkles

The kids are back to school and all is quiet in the house. But I wouldn’t be a parent if I didn’t spend a portion of my day thinking about anything and everything related to them. It’s back to school time and Sprinkles Online magazine is filled with tons of great information and advice to help parents navigate the back to school season. Be sure to check out the August/September issue of Sprinkles Magazine for your back to school inquiries.

Fluidity Home Barre #Giveaway

Body alignment is important. So many times we are sitting and standing with an incorrect posture, which hurts us and our body as time passes.
Background on the Fluidity
What sets Fluidity apart from other barre workouts where the barre is mounted on the wall, is that the unit can be adjusted to individual height for ideal body alignment. Being adjustable and portable is ideal for both front & back exercises, since it is not against a wall and is easier to align your spine.