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Start the New Year off right with a shopping spree at JCPenney. Enter to win the $100 JCPenney Gift Card Giveaway and treat yourself to a fun day!

Enter to Win the $100 JCPenney Gift Card Giveaway!

I want to help you have a fantastic start to 2019! The New Year always brings new promises, adventures, and excitement. A brand new year is a clean slate to bring new wonder and experience to your life. Here’s your chance to start the year off just right with a little shopping. Enter to win the $100 JCPenney Gift Card Giveaway!

JCPenney is your one-stop shop for the home, clothing and more.

Enter to win the $25 Starbucks Gift Card giveaway and treat yourself to something hot, or cold, and delicious! How many lattes could you buy if you won?

Enter To Win The $25 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway!

Winter in Miami doesn’t seem to be letting up. I had to turn the heat on the other day! I know, right? I’m looking outside my window now and see the sun shining bright, but the window is also blowing my inflatables all around. Just about ready for an afternoon cup of coffee, and wishing some Starbucks would appear on my desk. If Starbucks is a special treat for you, then this giveaway is right up your alley.

Dreaming about a soft and comfortable pair of leggings that don't cost an arm and leg? Check out this $25 Dream Leggings Gift Card Giveaway to learn more!

Enter to Win the $25 Dream Leggings Gift Card Giveaway! Ends 12/24

Leggings are a way of life for me. When I’m running out of the house, there is nothing more comfortable for me than to slip into a pair of leggings. Until recently, the last time I wore leggings was probably in junior high. Mom life put me in yoga pants (I’ve done yoga maybe once) and oversized tees. But with the recent trend of pretty, comfy and stylish leggings, my interest in returning to the leggings world peaked.