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Mama’s Night In – Fun Drink Recipes and A Drinking Game #OtherWomanSwap

If its your turn to host the next Mama’s Night In, then I have you covered. Leave the boring wine behind and introduce your Mama’s to something new and fun…..with names like The Summer Fling and The Carly, these drinks are sure to be a hit with your girls! For good measure, check out the drinking game. While it’s geared towards viewing of The Other Woman, once you’ve watch it on repeat like a million times, you can always tailor it to fit your next movie night.

It’s My Birthday!!!! Will You Help Me Celebrate? #MamasBirthday

It’s My Birthday and I am still unsure what I will be doing, if anything today. Normally we have a traditional family dinner, but I am so swamped with work I don’t even know if I will be able to attend my dinner lol. For those that are extremely curious, I am celebrating my 35th, better known as the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday!
So have I accomplished any of my goals I set forth? Yes, many of them. I have completed my Masters degree. I am married.