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Order a beautiful Holiday arrangement to spruce up your table centerpiece. Wow your guests this holiday, enter to win the $75 Teleflora Gift Code giveaway.

Enter To Win The $75 Teleflora Gift Code Giveaway! Ends 12/17

Order a beautiful Holiday arrangement to spruce up your table centerpiece. Wow your guests this holiday season, enter to win the $75 Teleflora Gift Code Giveaway.

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Turn up the cheer this holiday season and deliver a magical experience this holiday by surprising your family and friends with a festive bouquet from Teleflora, the world’s leading floral gifting service.

Celebrate fearless Mama's this Mother's Day! Pay tribute to mom for rising up to the challenge. When it comes to being a mom, love makes a mom. Honor that special woman in your life with a beautiful bouquet - enter to win the Love Out Loud Mother's Day giveaway.

Celebrate The Fearless Mama In Your Life – Love Out Loud Mother’s Day Giveaway – Ends 5/4

Love Out Loud this Mother’s Day by celebrating the fearless Mama in your life. Mama’s have a tough job, and all their sacrifices and fearless acts of love should be celebrated, not just on Mother’s Day but everyday. How will you be celebrating a Mama in your life this Mother’s Day? I’ve partnered with Teleflora to help you celebrate a fearless Mama with the Love Out Loud Mother’s Day giveaway.

One Tough Mother – Honoring Tough Mother’s Everywhere! {Giveaway}

No one ever said Motherhood would be easy. If they did they were lying. Mothers are the most fearless and toughest of them all and I can bet you know a special woman in your life that has the distinct honor of being called One Tough Mother! My mother was definitely one tough mother, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone tougher, but I bet many of you would say the same about a strong woman in your life.

What Is Love Teleflora Love Note Concierge

What Is Love? Giveaway From Teleflora’s Love Note Concierge

Do you have a tough time expressing what you want to say? Many people do and that’s why Teleflora has debuted a new FREE service for its customers called the Love Note Concierge. Because “What is Love?” and how do you put such a beautiful meaning into just a few words. Words are hard and Teleflora can help! Finding beautiful flowers is easy, it’s the love note that can be tough to put together.

Near or Far, Send Cheer for the Holidays to Loved Ones {Giveaway}

For several months almost every Friday my husband would bring me a beautiful bouquet. At first it was such a special treat and it really made me smile, even though I was grunting a little about the money his was spending – okay, a lot, I was grunting a lot. Then the flowers stopped. Now I am grunting because I have no flowers. I guess this is what he means when he says “I can never win with you” LOL.