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Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Love Registry Event #Giveaway

The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle Love Registry Event is finally here!!! As you might recall I did a review on the Boob a while back. The Boob was a real lifesaver for us, and made feeding time fun by allowing Papa to help out when my own boobs needed a break from breastfeeding.

The Joovy PPSU Boob Baby Bottle was introduced in 2013. With it’s medical-grade plastic it can withstand repeated sterilizations at high temperatures without changing the composition of the material.

5 Tips to Help Reduce Your Baby’s Spit Up

I received product and compensation from Mead Johnson Nutrition to create this post written by me. All experiences and opinions expressed in this post are my own and not those of Mead Johnson Nutrition. Consult your pediatrician before making changes to your baby’s diet or if you have concerns related to your baby’s digestive health. Please see the product label/website for acceptable use and benefits.

Your Kids Are Totally Going To Want To Eat This!

Ever wondered what you can cook for your kids so that they will WANT to eat it without any fuss? Lately our toddler has become a picky eater. She LOVES yogurt, rice, eggs and marshmallows. She’s even discovered “chocolate” bread, really its raisin bread, but I’m not gonna argue that one at all.
What do you do to get your kids to eat? You sneak nutritious food into the food they do eat. You give them vitamins to boost their immune systems.

Beech-Nut Just Food #Giveaway 2 Winners!

Recently my family had the opportunity to take the Beech-Nut Not Baby Food Challenge. It not only passed with flying colors by Preemie, but even Em got in on the action. The girls really enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing them do so. The product looks nothing like your traditional baby food, you can actually see the texture and consistency of real food!
Beech-Nut invites you to take the Not Baby Food Challenge.