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Free Photo Enlargement for Father’s Day at CVS!

Father’s Day weekend is here! If you are still looking for the perfect gift for a father in your life, this gift is a favorite among builders and crafters and might help save the day. To celebrate this upcoming holiday, and give back, CVS is offering a free photo enlargement today through Saturday, June 18th! It’s so easy to claim your free 8×10 print, but you have to do it online.

Why I Kept My Husband Busy On Father’s Day

When holidays like Father’s Day come to mind you generally picture one of two scenarios: family outings or dad kicking back and relaxing. Not in our family. This year I wanted to handle things a little differently and keep my husband busy on Father’s Day.
The day started with Papa getting up at 7:30am because the girls woke up early – like they do everyday because they have no concept of glorious idea of sleeping in late.