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If you could wish upon a star, what would you wish for? Introduce your kids to the timeless Disney classic with the Pinocchio Movie Giveaway!

Pinocchio Movie Giveaway | When You Wish Upon A Star

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When you wish upon a star…If you could wish for anything, what would it be? I asked Emily that question the other night while we were watching Pinocchio and she said “I want to live in a castle like a princess and have a beautiful gown dress, tiara and all of my family with me”. Naturally Anabelle mimicked her sisters wish “live in castle like a princess.

Exclusive Interview With The BIG HERO 6 Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams #BigHero6Bloggers

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Whenever I watch a movie, especially an animated movie, I tend to take for granted the creative minds behind the story. Not on purpose of course, but simply because it just seems so easy.