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Liquid Gold Handed Out On The Streets Of Miami #WakeUpgrade #illyissimo

Picture this…you are on your way to work, already dreading the day, and someone hands you a million dollars. OMG, what would you do??? Keep heading to work or call in sick?? Well, on Monday some Miamians got the treat and greet of a lifetime as they stumbled off the train wondering what fun was waiting for them at their desks.
illy issimo celebrated International Coffee Day in true class. There was no need to visit any stores for a free cup of java, illy was coming to the people.

Bialetti Diva Espresso Maker #Giveaway

Papa loves his espresso in the morning. He makes one every morning before heading off to work. It keeps him moving and energized all day long. I prefer a Cafe con Leche, which is espresso with milk. With an espresso machine, you can make both!!!
This is truly a gorgeous machine. It is sleek, sexy and sophisticated. As one of Bialetti’s most advanced single-serve espresso machines, the Diva’s stylish and compact design is ideal for today’s kitchen.