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Hot Dots Jr. Let’s Master Learning Set Giveaway – Ends (US) 1/3/14

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Hot Dots Jr. Let’s Master 

Recently I reviewed the new products from Educational Insights called Hot Dots Let’s Master sets (reading and math.) You can read that review here. They sets are made for each grade level ranging from Pre-K to Grade 3. Each grade specific 2-book set is chock-full of important skills that children need to master at each grade level in reading or math.

Who Is Fanny Foozle?

If you are looking for a fun new way to entertain the little ones, then I’ve got just the right product for you! The Fanny Foozle app is perfect for the little preschooler in your life.
It is said that each generation grows smarter technologically. So why not make the time spent with your child quality time with learning. Fanny Foozle is a free app that you can get in iTunes & Android stores and only 1.99 in the Kindle store.

Children Love To Learn and “Dance With The Animals”

Disclosure: I received the following product for review purposes.
Mama’s Mission
Dance With The Animals
As I may have mentioned a gazillion times before, no really it must be a gazillion by now, Em loves to dance. Remember how I told you they nicknamed her the ‘Dreidel’ at school. Music or no music Em is always dancing. My computer beeps and it’s like a start button for her.