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Have you met Disney's first Latina Princess? Her name is Elena and she's from Avalor. Catch up with her in the new Elena and the Secret of Avalor DVD.

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You might recall when I first introduced you to the first ever Disney Latina princess, Elena of Avalor. Ever since the show premiered, Elena has been an inspiration to young kids, especially Latina girls, everywhere. Elena is empowering young girls with her kind and brave leadership skills. Catch up with Elena of Avalor in her latest TV movie and more in the Elena and the Secret of Avalor DVD.

Disney Princess Elena of Avalor Is Coming to Disney Parks!

I recently mentioned the newest Disney Princess Elena of Avalor. Well, there is more exciting news on the horizon. The newest Disney Princess Elena of Avalor is coming to Disney Parks. The announcement just made during Walt Disney World’s “Awaken Summer” preview event.
Elena of Avalor, inspired by diverse Latin cultures, will first be introduced on Disney Channel. You might recall my recent interview with Jenna Ortega who lends her voice to Princess Elena’s little sister.

5 Money Saving Tips for Living the Princess Life at Disney World

Special experiences and perks at Disney World are so much fun and can really change the overall trip for any member of the family. For the Disney princess fan, being able to step into the world of fairy-tales and dreams is a once in a lifetime experience that only Disney can put together. Getting the full Disney treatment to start the princess life can be expensive though, and for any family on a budget it just might not be possible.