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Come follow me and Alice Through The Looking Glass in L.A.!!! I've been invited to the Red Carpet premiere and I am taking you with me on my journey.

Follow Me and Alice Through The Looking Glass in L.A.!!!

Since the beginning of 2016 I’ve put out into the universe what I want to accomplish this year. One of those things was to attend any of the media events surrounding the upcoming Alice Through The Looking Glass movie – and it’s HAPPENING! I’ve been invited by Disney on an all-expense paid trip to L.A.

Join the Facebook Live Q&A with the Mad Hatter himself, Johnny Depp and also Director James Bobin from Alice Through The Looking Glass!

Join the Facebook Live Q&A with the Mad Hatter Johnny Depp

Updated: Here’s the link to the watch the replay of the Facebook Live Q&A with Johnny Depp in case you missed it: https://www.facebook.com/DisneyAlice/videos/10153987254421668/
I haven’t kept such close tabs on an upcoming movie release as much as I have for Alice Through the Looking Glass. There’s just something very nostalgic yet refreshing about the movie I watched over and over as a child with Alice in Wonderland.

Exclusive Interview With The BIG HERO 6 Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams #BigHero6Bloggers

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Disney and the Walt Disney Animation Studios. I received an all-expense paid trip from Disney so that I could gather and share this information. However, all experiences and opinions are always 100% my own as this post is written by me in its entirety.
Whenever I watch a movie, especially an animated movie, I tend to take for granted the creative minds behind the story. Not on purpose of course, but simply because it just seems so easy.