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If you've ever wanted to try your hand at origami then you've come to the right place. You will enjoy crafting these 20 fun and easy origami crafts!

20 Fun & Easy Origami Crafts for Everyone

Origami dates back date to way before our time and is often associated with Japanese culture. Ori meaning “folding”, and kami(gami) meaning “paper” and is an art form that has been taught from parent to child for many generations. As a kid I remember borrowing books from the library on Origami hoping I could learn this interesting craft. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how the art of origami these fun and easy origami crafts will be a perfect place to start.

These fun and easy 5 spring crafts for kids will be a blast to do together, or on their own. Try something new like an herb garden, or make your own kite!

5 Fun and Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

After being cooped up in the house through the winter, you and your kids are probably suffering from spring fever. It’s so exciting to watch the world wake up after a cold winter and getting out to enjoy sunshine and mild days is a relief after months of cold and snow. Rather than just running outside and playing you can give your kids a whole crafty afternoon with these spring crafts that will wake up their imaginations and let them enjoy the beautiful weather outside.