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What is one thing that your family does weekly, together? It's time to start a game night with these fun board games for tweens, young adults and Mama too!

Game Night Board Games For Tweens, Young Adults and Mama Too!

What is one thing that your family does weekly, together? Ours hosts a game night on Thursday! It’s a tradition we’ve carried on since Jason was tween. The girls love when it’s their turn to pick out a board game for game night. Little do they know that after they head off to bed, it’s the tweens and young adults turn. And then there’s Mama’s Night In aka adult-only board game night.

What if you could go back to college and study anything? Imagine doing it at the same time as your child! Hang on to your cap and gown as Melissa McCarthy starts in Life Of The Party this Mother's Day weekend. Enter the $50 Fandango Gift Card giveaway and take your Mama to see Life Of The Party for Mother's Day.

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Here’s a little funny story. When I was in college, and Jason was already walking around, my Mama used to say he would be finished with college before me. She was partly right. While I do already hold a B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice, I always wanted to go to Law School. Now that Jason is nearing completion of his undergraduate degree the race is on. Who will enter and complete Law School first? So why now am I thinking of heading back…because it’s never too late.

Don't know if the Florida Prepaid plan is right for you? I'm debunking 3 myths so you can worry less and save more with a Florida Prepaid Plan!

Worry Less and Save More With A Florida Prepaid Plan

Worry Less and Save More With A Florida Prepaid Plan is a sponsored post for Bloggin’ Mamas on behalf of the Florida Prepaid College Board. All experiences and opinions are always 100%.
Over coffee with a friend the conversation of college came up. Our girls are the same ages, 3 and 5, and she was wondering about saving for their education for the future. I told her that we had already started college savings for my girls. One has a regular savings account, the other a 529 plan.

You've graduated! Welcome to the real world where nothing is cheap. Here are 5 ways to save money after college so you don't go broke.

5 Ways To Save Money After College So You Don’t Go Broke

Congratulations graduate! You’ve just graduated college, which is a huge step for any young adult, and often a challenging one. You are finally on your way to becoming the responsible man or woman you want to be. This can seem intimidating at first – stepping into the real world is a big deal. Most graduates have student loans to pay off in addition to supporting themselves as well as investing into your future.